Dead Space is one of my favorite EA titles, aside from Battlefield Bad Company, and this game makes me very happy to be a fan! 

The game continues a few years after the events of the amazing Dead Space 2 and Issac has move on in his life. Now he has to find the "source" of the Markers and stop them once and for all. The story is very nice and gives good character development. Another thing this game's successful in is the graphics and atmosphere, it is tense, freaky, and awesome, especially in the first part of the game! There's also a new weapon crafting system in the game, where you can create your own powerful weapons and upgrade them at anytime. The campaign also has optional missions (few are co-op only) you can play. These missions usually result in rewards, such as weapon parts and upgrades.

One thing that people complained about in this game was the fact that it wasn't scary anymore. People please, not every game has to stay "horror" throughout its entire franchise (look at Resident Evil 6). The game has enough frights in it to be a great game. The enemies are fast, deadly, and almost never stop coming, which is good! The newer enemies, the Unitologists, are also a threat to you. They want to use the "source" and to activate all the markers, believing in "Evolution" across the universe. Others, obviously, didn't like this change, but I enjoyed fighting these new enemies. Though these enemies might make the game more action-packed, their great battles from beginning to end!

Another new feature to Dead Space 3 is the co-op, which is a great addition to the game. Again, it didn't make the game scary since you have a partner to watch your back 24/7, but I enjoyed it a lot. The co-op partner, Carver, adds change to the narrative and story. You and your co-op partner can play several optional co-op only missions you can find in the game. These missions give a bit of character development for Carver and he'll experience Dementia like Issac from Dead Space 2, only the player whose playing as Issac can't see what his/her partner sees.

This is a great addition to the Dead Space franchise and the best of them all! 10/10 hands down!