Dead Space 3 follows poor Isaac Clarke again on a mission to stop the necromorphs for good. The beginning mission starts off 200 years prior to the events of the dead space trilogy, gives a little backstory and idea of whats to come. 

If your a fan of the previous dead space games you should enjoy this threequel, it has everything that made dead space relevant and praised. Zero G sections are a lot more open, makes you feel like a astronaut, closed blood smeared corridors are present and of cours the necros are disgusting and creepy as ever! (Twitchers, ugh!). Its all here in part 3 and more.


is this game "action/horror"? Comparing it to #1 then yes, I'd say its more on par with part 2 as far as scripted moments and action sequence. This game DOES deliver horror and dread a lot during the game, not just in the gameplay while fighting enemies but by watching and listening to past victims. I remember walking into a dark meeting room and hearing a recorded voice, when i came to the source of noise i realized it was a projector video playing and giving instructions on orders to carry out and when done to "self terminate" after watching that and then reading people's logs of what happen there was truly eerie and disturbing.


the game looks great, environments are diverse and torwards the end of the game it takes you to environments never seen in the dead space universe. The winter conditions on Tao Volantis is nice touch and adds panic in combat. The necromorphs are greatly detailed and are very grotesque, there is quite a variety in enemies as well and as the game goes on they only get tougher.


The biggest edition is co op, everyone was worried that the addition of a friend joining you would take away the horror elements dead space was found upon, honestly yes it does but visceral did the smart thing a made it an option, it is not mandatory to have a partner by your side. You can play single player as Isaac Clarke all alone if you want, if you want that true horror dead space vibe then i recommend you play through the first time alone, then on the 2nd run through team up. The co op is a blast though there is nothing more fun then to blast away alien zombies with a buddy, plus you get more backstory into John carver if you decide to play with a friend. 


if your a fan of dead space then i highly recommend this entry, it is a worthy sequel!


+ satisfying combat

+ looks amazing

+ great action

+ great horror elements

+ co-op being a choice



- climbing sequences 

- back tracking

- so many elevators!

- spamming of monsters


(written on my iOS)