First off, I didn't explain my rating system in the first review.  I believe these 4 aspects are equally important in making a successful game today.  Not only does it have to be fun, but it must equally have quality graphics, sound, and an interesting, original story at least to impress me.  The replay value is really just an added bonus I suppose.  So in short, there are 4 areas of judgment all worth around 25% each.  Each is worth a max of 2.5 out of the total 10 points.  Easy to follow right?

Now we seem to be at the end of the Dead Space trilogy and story.  What started as a scary, horrific series with Dead Space 1, continues with the series losing its horror and adds more repetitive action for the player.  Let's start the review:

Story ( 1.5 / 2.5 ) - This game seems to end the story of the Dead Space trilogy.  It is rather vague in putting the story together until the end where it clears up a bit.  The story continues from the first two in the series, which is good.  Even though the story is consistent, it was very predictable and at times, very cheesy.  The story of Dead Space was very interesting to me, but the ending just didn't do it for me since it ended so abruptly leaving me thinking, wait that's it?

Graphics ( 1 / 2.5 ) - EA did not lie when they said DS3 was a direct port to PC from xbox because the graphics clearly show it.  The textures were very low even on max settings and looked very muddy at times.  It had almost no AA so all the edges were very jagged and ugly.  The lighting was probably the worst part for me.  In Dead Space 1, the environment was pretty dark as to keep the suspense and scary part of the game going.  In DS3, everything is well lighted so there are no surprises.  I keep thinking to myself that if they had removed a few lights in DS3 that they could have brought back some of the scary side from DS1.

Sound ( 1 / 2.5 ) - So because most of the "scary" is taken out of the game, much of the sound quality is very repetitive especially since I used the beginning cutter weapon the entire playthrough.  All the sounds from previous games are almost identical and haven't changed or updated at all.  Some of the sound is still good, but without the lighting, they just don't have that creepy feeling anymore.

Gameplay ( 1 / 2.5 ) - Here's another title that manages to pretty much screw up the gameplay of a great title.  First off, this game is super repetitive.  Enemies keep coming from the same spots sometimes endlessly it seems.  This game is frustrating because enemies keep coming.  The enemies aren't difficult when you have max armor and damage.  You just seem to kill every necromorph the exact same way every time you see them, which occurs very frequently.  Next, it may just be me, but the plasma cutter weapon that you receive at the beginning at every DS game seems to be the best, so I used it the whole game through the series.  I'm not sure if they meant this to happen, but the other weapons in the game just aren't that great.  Even though this weapon is easy to use and powerful, it does get pretty old very quickly.  Next, we have those instances where you must press, in my case, E repeatedly to keep an enemy from eating you.  I understand sometimes this is cool, but having this happen constantly with countless necromorphs around you is ridiculously frustrating especially when you have to hit the key about 30 times before Isaac starts to attack it.  Also, there are side missions, which I still haven't figured out.  They have almost nothing to do with the story and don't seem to give you any benenfit for completing, so I guess they are a pure waste of time.

Replay ( 0 ) - I probably wouldn't play this game again.  It just isn't scary or fun to me in almost any way.  They removed the scary aspect of the game and put repetitive boring action in its place.  I'm not a fan of grinding or insane repetition, which this game has much of.  Even the story is interesting throughout the series, it doesn't warrant a second playthrough.  If anything, I might give the cinematics another look on youtube.

All in all, DS3 was a poor ending with almost no scary moments and lots of repetition.  If they would have removed much of the lighting in the game, I may have enjoyed it more, but even then, the gameplay was still very repetitive.  I'm glad I played through it, but I can't see myself playing it again in the future.  I just wish it was scarier like DS1.