Yet again the team at Visceral Games has created an outstanding, action packed horror game that is an amazing addition to the "Dead Space" series. To this day Horror games are the hardest and most criticized game genre to date. You can create a video game that gives you a nice jumpscare, but the rest of the game is boring and anticipated. Dead Space 3 gives you that jump, but also that "I'm so dead" moment when the lights go out and you are forced to stay alive with a horde of Necromorph's jumping out at you from all directions. Dead Space 3 is an on the edge of your seat, heart pounding thrill ride that you don't want to end.

Dead Space has always been my favorite horror game since my first glimpse of the USG Ishimura. In the first game the idea of Issac Clarke being mute and the never seeing his face till the end really made him that mysterious character that you really wanted to understand better. Visceral really did an outstanding job with the character development of Issac in their series. Issac Clarke is not that character that you feel for, he is just that bad-ass, amazing character that everyone loves. Dead Space will in my opinion be a game that really redefined the horror genre in video games.


Dead Space 3's gameplay is the same as its predecessors with implements of crouch and dodge. Visceral had the thought of "If its not broken, then don't fix it" and they were right. Dead Space did not need to change any controls or make the game feel any different, it is amazing just as it is. Right when the game starts off you know that you are playing a Dead Space game, just by the movements your character makes. Gun play has changed, for the better. The addition of gun customization is amazing, and that is one change that makes the game outstanding. Instead of just having the Plasma Cutter with ammo and damage upgrades, you can now attach a torch to the bottom of the gun with a stasis attachment that slows down your enemies, it just makes the game that much better. Necromorph's have also gotten a little upgrade to them. They look and act ten times better. I literally sat on the edge of my seat every time a horde of them came after me because there would be the Necromorph's that would walk slow and lag behind, and then there were the ones that would charge right at you, keeping you on your toes and ready to shoot. The gameplay is just stellar.


Dead Space 3's Graphics just look outstanding. From the snow effects to flying around in space, Dead Space's graphics have gotten so much better throughout the years. If you have time, try and take a look at how amazing the Necromorph's look..... before you dismember them limb by limb. There isn't much more to say, the graphics are just top notch.

Story(Warning Spoilers): Beginning Summary

Dead Space 3 probably has the best story out of the other two games in the series. Dead Space just introduced you to the story of The Marker and the introduction to the Unitologist's. Dead Space 2 gave you the full story of what The Marker is and why it is the symbol of Unitology. You also get to see Issac and hear him for the first time and understand the trauma The Marker causes Issac to go through. Dead Space 3 closes it all up and ends the series amazingly....or so we think. The idea of a snow planet is just fun in my opinion, who doesn't love snow, but Visceral did an amazing job with the effects of the snow, making Issac place his hand over his helmet to prevent snow from interfering with his vision. Also the crumbling of the snow beneath Issac's feet is just beautiful, if you are one of those people that really analyzes games, like me, you will really appreciate the extra time Visceral put in for those animations.

You are brought right into the story with the introduction of a young adult named Sam who is told by this doctor to go and receive The Key to ending it all. As you find a crashed ship on the snowy planet of Tua Volantis, you are attacked by a couple of Necromorph's. You then find the key aboard the destroyed ship. Towards the end of the mission you are shot point blank by a man named General Mahad of the Sovereign Colony 200 years in the past, before the incidents of Dead Space. This mission, you will soon find out later in the game, is very significant.  200 years later you find Issac Clarke a complete mess, living on a Lunar Colony hiding from EarthGov. Issac is then violently greeted my Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver. Robert breaks the news of Ellie Langford's disappearance and that the only way to get her back is with Issac. He then forcefully agrees to the mission and is then faced with Unitoloigst's who are trying to kill him. Before Issac escapes the Lunar City he meets Jacob Danik, the leader of a Unitoloigist group called "The Inner Circle". Danik tells Clarke that a new beginning is waiting and destroys The Marker test labs on the colony, starting the spread of the Necromorph's. Issac then escapes with Norton and Carver and their fleet in search of Ellie Langford......The game now begins.


If you are looking for a horror game with aliens that promises more then some recently released games, I advise you to purchase this game. Visceral is a great company that provided us with three outsanding video games, and I am looking forward to Visceral's next Dead Space game....or a new game series. Visceral has really given us the definition of Horror.