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Dead Space 2

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  • This one of the most scariest an the most coolest game ever, I can,t wait to buy it....
  • I think its lacking a lot of the atmosphere Dead Space 1 had. And the "cutscenes" removes all of the "interactive" experience. Where you in DS1 had the same point of view throughout the entire game, integrating the player completely, you here have these cutscenes who make it more like a movie, but this isnt a movie. This is a interactive experience. A game. Don't get me wrong here - Im a big fan of dead space and this isn't a directly bad follow up to the first game, but it lacks much of what you had in the first one and they should so much have left out the speech from Isaac. Showing his feelings through his verbal actions is removing the mystique of the silent engineer. I can see where Visceral wanted to go with this, but they shouldnt make it as epic as this. They have removed the survival aspect that the first one had and turned it into a action-hero game, which can be both good and bad. Not necessarily bad, but not necessarily good aswell. In my personal oppinion i dont like it, compared to the first one that is.

    Other than that this game has a beautifully crafted soundtrack along with sound effects and lighting. On the visual and audible level this game is really spot on and it wouldnt surprise me if it would win some prizes.

    This is some notes written by a really dedicated dead space ( 1 at least ) fan who got a bit dissapointed by the follow up which tried making all the fanboys happy. The problem only is that the fanboys are usually retards who *** their pants when they hear words like "multiplayer" and "epic" and Visceral made a *** mistake making a game fitted for that segments taste. Make a game in your OWN god *** vision. But it wouldnt surprise me if EA stood in the background swinging the whip and reminding Visceral of the epicness all other EA titles has. "IT HAS TO BE EPIC WITH MULTIPLAYER. THEY DEMAND IT"

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