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  • Blog Post: Review - Dead Space 2 - A Proper Sequel

    Dead Space set a high bar for itself. Though it could have easily ended with a single game, the demand for a sequel became immediately apparent. Sequels aren't always guaranteed success though. Some sequels feel exactly the same, and some drift off in search for greatness, and end up leaving that... More
  • Blog Post: The last great title in the Dead Space franchise... so far...

    Dead Space 2 improved almost everything the original title did right, the only real issue this game has is that it isn't as scary as the first game. It still has the ability to make you jump, but it is a lot less frequent this time round. There are parts in the game where it will astound you, the... More
  • Blog Post: Its ok.

    Im not a fan of horror games but it looked pretty good. More
  • Blog Post: Now with 100% More Necromorphs!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first Dead Space. Guiding the unassuming hero, Issac Clarke, through his travails aboard the derelict, planet-cracking spaceship, the U.S.G. Ishimura, was both an intriguing and terrifying experience. So it's no surprise that it received a sequel. Dead Space 2 returns Issac... More
  • Blog Post: Emotions win again

    To start off, Dead Space 2 was absolutely crazy...after chapter 5. Although i didn't play the first Dead Space, the first four chapters of the game are just plain lame. I was playing on casual however, so that might be the cause. Still, I was familiar and comfortable with the controls halfway through... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 Review - Great as a Game, Lacking as a Horror

    As a gamer, I'm not very experienced with horror games. I've only really played Dead Space and Resident Evil 5 (and that one doesn't really count anyway), so the only real knowledge of horror games is what I've read or watched. Therefore, this review with basically be from a 'horror... More
  • Blog Post: dead awesome space 2

    this is the best 3rd person game i have played so far in my life. When i bought this i thought it was a rip off of dead rising. i advise you to buy this if you are a fan of resident evil or silent hill. the only downside is the length of the game, it last about 6-12 hours. More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 Review

    The next chapter of one of the scariest games in 2008, Dead Space. Does this sequel live up to its hype? Let’s find out: Presentation 2/2 This game is amazing from the start. There's a video that explains what happened in the previous game. It also explains the setting, and the reason for the... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 Review PS3/Xbox360/Pc

    The next chapter of one of the scariest games in 2008, Dead Space. Does this sequel live up to its hype? Let’s find out: Presentation 2/2 This game is amazing from the start. There's a video that explains what happened in the previous game. It also explains the setting, and the reason for the... More
  • Blog Post: dead space 2 gameplay

    Dead space 2 starts out with you running away from a monster that you crushed in the door.i like the gameplay and how to try to reaveled throught the game how your his wife died at the end of the fist game. the muliplier game how you can choose both sides as monsters and the humans. to me the game is... More
  • Blog Post: Everything But Online

    I really liked this games story, but it was lacking in online multiplayer. I thought the story for this game was more gripping and imersive than the first. There were some dissapointments with the lack of DLC and how easy the game was even on Zealot. I felt the multiplayer was over-advertised considering... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 is Brilliant

    Dead Space 2 is a lot like Bioshock and I am perfectly fine with that, actually I’m more than happy about the direction this franchise seems to be going in. Back when Dead Space 1 came out I was excited to play it, until about the time I began to play it. The game was competent enough, it looked... More
  • Blog Post: Issacs life just gets worse

    Creeping down familer hallways hearing faint clicking from behind, after a painfully long time with out seeing anything except cleaning supplys and the occasional ammo pick up another minute of silence passes and suddenly the sound of screeching metal ahead of me catches my attention. A giant Necromorph... More
  • Blog Post: Deaderer is Betterer

    I didn’t have a whole lot of expectations jumping into the second (or technically 3rd? or 4th, maybe?) installment in Visceral Games’ sci-fi survival horror series. I generally enjoyed the first game, even if it did result in me banging my head against a wall during those nightmarish turret... More
  • Blog Post: DeadSpace 2

    Dead Space took many by surprise with its creepy atmosphere and dark, ominous feel. Will Dead Space 2 uphold The Marker or succumb to its fate? Gameplay There are no real changes to DS 2 when compared to its predecessor. It plays like a third-person shooter and does so very well. The aiming is accurate... More
  • Blog Post: Friggin Beautiful!

    This game is total Epicness in every sense of the word from the moment you start playing your involved in the story of this game for those of you who didnt play the first one it also gives a breif video synapse of the first one and its just so great this game has dominated the charts in my eyes i would... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2: Better in every way

    I just got done with my 3rd run through of Dead Space 2. Each time it has been just as good as the first. I absolutely loved the first Dead Space, and this sequel improves on everything that the first one had. More guns, more suits and deadlier enemies. I loved the boss fight sequences in the game and... More
  • Blog Post: An Outstanding Sequel

    This game improves in almost everyway possible,i say almost everyway because the game becomes a bit more action-y,then scary.But just barley.The game is still very frightening...but not as dark.And if u read the reveiw from GI about how the game falls apart at the end..dont belive them because i just... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space ^3

    Sorry for the lame math joke, but that is how much I feel the game has improved. The original Dead Space was a fantastic game - it had scares unlike almost any other game out there, and strategic dismemberment was a great addition to survival/action horror gameplay. I thought the game got almost everything... More
  • Blog Post: The engineer returns to Necromorph slaying, and brings along friends with online multiplayer. Can it get any better?!

    Out of the frying pan, and into the fire... or how ever that saying goes, Dead Space 2 is a wonderful culmination of solid story, eerie atmosphere, straight-forward game play, and extremely well detailed graphics that fully utilize the M-rating and then some. All successful ingredients from the first... More
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