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  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 Review - Great as a Game, Lacking as a Horror

    As a gamer, I'm not very experienced with horror games. I've only really played Dead Space and Resident Evil 5 (and that one doesn't really count anyway), so the only real knowledge of horror games is what I've read or watched. Therefore, this review with basically be from a 'horror... More
  • Blog Post: Everything But Online

    I really liked this games story, but it was lacking in online multiplayer. I thought the story for this game was more gripping and imersive than the first. There were some dissapointments with the lack of DLC and how easy the game was even on Zealot. I felt the multiplayer was over-advertised considering... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 is Brilliant

    Dead Space 2 is a lot like Bioshock and I am perfectly fine with that, actually I’m more than happy about the direction this franchise seems to be going in. Back when Dead Space 1 came out I was excited to play it, until about the time I began to play it. The game was competent enough, it looked... More
  • Blog Post: Issacs life just gets worse

    Creeping down familer hallways hearing faint clicking from behind, after a painfully long time with out seeing anything except cleaning supplys and the occasional ammo pick up another minute of silence passes and suddenly the sound of screeching metal ahead of me catches my attention. A giant Necromorph... More
  • Blog Post: An Outstanding Sequel

    This game improves in almost everyway possible,i say almost everyway because the game becomes a bit more action-y,then scary.But just barley.The game is still very frightening...but not as dark.And if u read the reveiw from GI about how the game falls apart at the end..dont belive them because i just... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 makes dismembering space mutants even funner than before

    Dead Space 2 isn't just a good game for its genre, but in general. The developers did a great job creating an eerie atmosphere where you often don't want to walk around the next corner. The experience felt much richer than in Dead Space 1 partly because Isaac's psychological struggles are... More
  • Blog Post: Issac is back!!

    Issac is back once again, for another terrifying adventure with necromorphs. This time the necros are freakier and slightly more disturbing. They have added some different monsters to the mix. Including crawlers, which are crawling babies with swollen stomachs that explode on contact, and the pack, which... More
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