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  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 is Brilliant

    Dead Space 2 is a lot like Bioshock and I am perfectly fine with that, actually I’m more than happy about the direction this franchise seems to be going in. Back when Dead Space 1 came out I was excited to play it, until about the time I began to play it. The game was competent enough, it looked... More
  • Blog Post: Issacs life just gets worse

    Creeping down familer hallways hearing faint clicking from behind, after a painfully long time with out seeing anything except cleaning supplys and the occasional ammo pick up another minute of silence passes and suddenly the sound of screeching metal ahead of me catches my attention. A giant Necromorph... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2: Review

  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2

    Redefining the term Mature, Visceral Games' Dead Space 2 definitely has a specific demographic in mind. After forming a sort of cult following with the its 2008 predecessor, Dead Space 2 delivers exactly what fans of the original asked for. With revamped visuals, audio, and gameplay mechanics Visceral... More
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