Dead Space 2 improved almost everything the original title did right, the only real issue this game has is that it isn't as scary as the first game. It still has the ability to make you jump, but it is a lot less frequent this time round. There are parts in the game where it will astound you, the gorgeous set pieces and the creepy atmosphere makes the whole experience immense fun. 

Graphically the game looks great, in some parts it looks better than Dead Space 3, which isn't really that surprising. The game doesn't suffer from annoying framerate issues like the original Dead Space did and the monsters look even more disturbing.

The sound FX are brilliant and it really makes the whole experience a creepy one. But unfortunately it doesn't make it as creepy as Dead Space.

The gameplay is much better this time round, there are a lot less A-B missions and each objective is seamlessly thrown at you as some missions take 2-5 chapters. The game is considerably shorter than the original which is slightly disappointing, the first walkthrough only took me 8 hours and the original took me 12. The game is a lot of fun and you will enjoy every second of it.

Dead Space was the innovation of horror. Dead Space 2 moves slightly towards Action-thriller, but there are still plenty of scares and some truly tense moments. Do not purchase this game for the multiplayer, because the multiplayer is absolutely rubbish after you have completed all the levels once. But the campaign has a lot to offer and the chances are that you will play this a second time. A truly outstanding game.