Creeping down familer hallways hearing faint clicking from behind, after a painfully long time with out seeing anything except cleaning supplys and the occasional ammo pick up another minute of silence passes and suddenly the sound of screeching metal ahead of me catches my attention. A giant Necromorph the size of a small car comes barreling at me falling back and lining up shots I begin another harrowing battle with these disgusting aliens.

         Dead Space 2 starts of even scarier and more intense then the first game. Trapped in a straight Jacket surrounded by monsters and running for your life the adrenaline gets pumping in this game early and rarely has a chance to stop. Just when you think a room is empty a monster brusts out of a doorway that unless you know its coming scares the hell out of you. That is a minor scare the big scares are jump out of your seat kind of scary. Add in the fact that you dont even have an armored suit for the first hour of the game with out that extra sense of protection brought by a metal suit every fight in the beginning of the game feels harrowing.

         Getting a new suit is cooler in this game then in the first. Still has the long transition time between suits but now when Issac steps out it does has a cool Iron Manish feel to it. There are a bunch of new Aliens to keep things fresh from the first game. The Puker is equal parts scary and hate inducing not only can it hit you from far away with a blob of bile that slows you down if you allow it to get up too close it will as its namesake says it will puke on you and do massive damage. The Spitter is alot like a Slasher except that it can spit long distance acid blobs. There are alot of moments where you are completely surrounded by more then a half dozens monsters.

         There are a alot of improvements in the combat from the first game. Issac in the first game felt clunky and heavy. While it added to the tension the combat got brutal in close quaters. Issac can move much quicker and is much more of a bada**. He went from being a mute in the first game to having a voice in this one. I am completely impressed by how likeable Issac is. The scares arnt quite as big in this game but i imagine that is because the Necromorphs still have basically the same behavior from the first game. They aggressively come at you single mindly. Seems like they would be easy prey but actually are pretty difficult enemys. Most take multiple shots to drop them and they need to hit in the right spots to bring them down quickly. Throw in a new enemy that share a lot similaritys to the Raptors in Jurassic Park that protects there weak spot as they barrel at you. The fights in Dead Space 2 are bigger and faster then before and all around crazier. There are alot of rough points that are compounded by the fact that the enemy A.I. randomly spikes in difficulty.

         The enviroment is every bit as good in the new game as it was in the first. Where the Ishimura's cramped hallways and 90 degrees corners made for some terrifying encounter but Dead Space 2 comes at you from a totally different direction. You find yourself in a apartment building full of screaming people just trying to get away from the alien onsaulght , a school full a reminders that all these monster used to be people and some were children, And a haunting battle through a chruch are just a few of the moments that stick out.

The games multiplayer mode is a bit lack luster to me. It has alot of depth but actually playng through it would be rough. The game mode pits 4 Securitys personal against 4 human controlled and a never ending hoard of AI. It tips the scales way too far on to the side of the Aliens. Even when you are picking your shots well the shear number of aliens make it almost impossible to complete the objectives that are set out for you. The insanely short respawn timers on the aliens dont help this problem at all ethier. Luckily all the weapons from the first game return so killing the enemy is still a art form. There is only one weapon i dident like.  This game overall is amazing. I wish every sequal was as well made and cared for as this game has been. Looking forward to seeing where this series goes.