This game improves in almost everyway possible,i say almost everyway because the game becomes a bit more action-y,then scary.But  just barley.The game is still very frightening...but not as dark.And if u read the reveiw from GI about how the game falls apart at the end..dont belive them because i just seemed more interested then anything.The story is great and very confusing..i HIGHLY recommend you play the first because if u dont the ending will mean nothing to you(stay after credits).The controls feel tight and good and the graphics are incredible,especially sound and lighting.the multiplayer was better then i expected..but it aint no Halo.But you rank up just like Call of Duty,and unlock new weapons,suits,etc...It was a great add-on and its real fun to play as Necromorphs.And besides the fact the the game is a tad less scary...the game is incredible.If you played the first and liked WILL want to buy this.And if your just getting on with the franchise,it gives a "Before Dead Space 2"video so your not completly lost.Overall this is a MUST-BUY for horror fans,or fans of the series..with a campaign that has multiple-playthroughs,good multiplayer,and an intense story....this game is truely "a monster of a sequel".