Day one purchase for both this and original Dead Space and it's totally worth it. It's just one of those games that starts off fast and doesn't stop till the end. Even though I feel that the first Dead Space was better with the scares, this one doesn't disappoints. I felt that the scares were more predictable in this title, but the encounters brought more enemies this time around. I also didn't care for the way they set up the store, I just felt that it was set up better in the first game. In my opinion, the best part in this game would have to be when Isaac goes back into the USG Ishimura, it was very gloomy and nostalgic. And probably the worst part would have to be the encounters with the Raptor like necromorphs. It's just frustrating when two or more are charging at you and only have time to take out one then other always knocks you down and runs away, then that scenario repeats. Then in the end there's somewhat of a boss fight, does not compare at all to the boss fight of the first Dead Space, which is pretty boring. I just feel that with all the excitement throughout the whole game there should have been a better boss fight. The multiplayer part of the game is simple yet addictive, as every other level up multiplayer game. You get to play as either a necromorph or engineer, which playing as either or is really fun. While playing as a necromorph you basically have to attack as a pack or attack from behind to over power an engineer, if you just attack head to head you'd get destroyed. And while playing as an engineer I'd recommend to stay at least one other player while completing your objective or you'll probably be overrun if you're by yourself. All and all I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes survival horror and /or third-person shooter games.