Wow. Dead Space 2 is simply an amazing game. Way better than the first, for the most part. One of the things that I found frustrating in the first game was its predictability. I could predict almost all enemy encounters, and therefore, a lot of the horror wasn't there for me. This is not the case in Dead Space 2, for the most part. Yes, there are still sections when enemy encounters are predictable, but these are far fewer than in Dead Space 1. That is, in DS 2's first chapters. Towards the games end every room seems to become a battleground. Once again, the horror seems to be lost towards the games end. Now the two major improvements I absolutely loved about DS 2 are that Isaac is now fully voiced, making him an even more loveable character than in the first game. Yes, he is not the typical hero who seems to be taking everything in all too well, but he's not the most vulnerable hero either. Apart from being able to gun down every Necromporph Isaac comes across he also holds many more surprises which I won't spoil here. The second improvement is that the game is now one synchronized story forward. The transitions between chapters flows smoothly and there is no turning back. This means that there is no one telling Isaac to go find item A and bring it to point C and then go find item B and bring it to point C and then activate Terminal A and return to the tram to do it all over again in the next chapter. Overall Dead Space 2 is an amazing game that does everything to continue the Dead Space saga. The mystery that surrounds the Necromorph infection and the markers deepens towards the games ending and comes to full climax as the credits roll. All I can say is that Dead Space 3 is looking to be even better than its predecessors.