From the opening sequence to the last gut wrenching necromorph dismemberment, Dead Space 2 is a thrill to play.  I highly recommend playing this game with the lights off, the surround sound on, and the kids upstairs in bed.  As a full time slave to corporate America, full time husband and part time gamer, Dead Space 2 offers the perfect pacing with great game play, and boasts a great storyline to boot.  The difficulty can be rough even at the "normal" setting, but your deaths will be forgotten as quickly as you re spawn.  This, at times, can lead to trial by error game play, but it actually helps tone down gamer frustration. 

My only complaint is one of principle: used game restrictions.  I understand developers need to make money but this is getting out of hand.  Developers seemed to make it work the last 30 plus years so what has changed?  Call me old fashioned, stubborn, dumb, what have you, but I hate this new way of doing business enough to allow it to effect my opinion of the game.  Therefore, Dead Space 2 gets a 9 out of 10.