Dead Space 2 was a must buy for me as soon as I heard about it way back when, especially at E3 2010. It’s not only because it was a sequel to one of my favorite games, but because the creators of Dead Space 2 have taken a lot of time to perfect this game by using a large amount of fan input, which I find to be a great way to make great games. I had a feeling in my gut that because of that, the game would come out strong and it would be something I could play repeatedly, though it would scare the crap out of me the majority of the time. Is this game nothing but a fright fest? Or is there a great game behind the games scares? Keep reading to find out!

The Good:

+ Graphics: The graphics for Dead Space 2 look great! Especially when being compared to the first Dead Space. Sure, you’re probably thinking “oh, this guy is full of it” or “he’s just finding excuses” because the first game came out back in 2008 and the graphics are obviously better now. Well, that is true in most cases anyways… What makes this game have much better graphics than the first is the variety of locations and environments the player gets to see and go through compared to it. There are much more sights to see in Dead Space 2, more characters, new armors and a lot more gruesome looking enemies to go with those sights as well.

+Sound: Dead Space has always had a great soundtrack from the beginning with songs that will make you feel paranoid with each and every turn you make while you play, as well as terrifying or even startling sound effects that make the game the horror masterpiece it is. There’s also the fact that seeing as how there are more characters in Dead Space 2, there is also a great use of voice acting talents for even the main character, Isaac Clarke, who happened to be a tad bit shy in the first game and did nothing at all but scream and sigh.

+ Gameplay: So, have you ever been to a haunted house? If you have, then good because that’s what Dead Space 2 feels like. Except in this haunted house; you’re in space, the actors can touch you, and they don’t just want to scare you, they want you dead. The controls for the game are simple and don’t require too much remembrance in order to progress. The multiplayer mode is a fun and rather addicting addition to the series that forces the players to work as a team to complete objectives, meaning no deathmatch people. All games that force teamwork are personal favorites and this one went down as a favorite back when the beta started.

+ Difficulty: Seeing as how I was playing normal mode and happened to get my butt kicked, a lot, this game is a lot more difficult than the first. One of the many things that Dead Space 2 does different with the games difficulty is throw a large amount of enemies at you at the most inconvenient times. This makes it so if you’re one of those people who are; bad at saving up ammo, use a lot of health packs, suck at saving money to buy things to help you, or you’re just bad at aiming you will have to learn how to change up or you’re gonna rage quit. If the game gets too hard though, you could always just change the difficulty from the start menu.

+ Replay Value: Seeing as how there was the addition of a rather addicting multiplayer mode that I’ve mentioned earlier, this game offers quite a bit of replay value. That is, unless you don’t end up playing with people who are awful at it. There is also replay value outside of the multiplayer and inside of the singleplayer with all of the armors, weapon upgrades, hidden rooms and difficulties to be conquered in single player.

The Bad:

-Sound: Though this game offers amazing sound design, great voice acting, and a soundtrack that matches the game perfectly, there is a problem regarding the understanding of some of the voices in this game. This is because of how very loud the sound effects and music can be, even when going to the audio settings and turning down the effects and music, which take some of the fun out of the game. I actually like my share of story when playing an awesome game, and being able to what the person is saying helps. Subtitles would usually be a fix for this problem but when I used them, they were rather large and distracting, so I just left it alone and went on without knowing what was said.

Overall, Dead Space 2 is a great game, great sequel, and by far the best horror experience I have had in quite some time. This game is a buy, not only because it’s well done but because EA is anti-rental and whenever an EA game has good multiplayer, it’s never a good idea to rent because you need an online pass that comes with the game to play and gets a 9.5 out of 10. For more of my reviews, look me up on,, and or just follow me on twitter /thatSTERLINkid.