[This review is in progress. It may and probably will undergo some editing]

If you read my review of the first Dead Space, You know that I thought this was more of a glorified action adventure game with some creepy atmosphere and and monsters to boot. It just felt like a high quality version of Doom. Other players claimed that it was the scariest thing they had ever played. Well, Visceral studios has really made that step to not only make a good third-person shooter, but a very gory and mentally horrifying experience.

Right away, you play as a helpless Issac Clarke with no way to defend yourself from the outbreak that has begun to take over. This was very similar to the first few minutes of Dead Space 1. Unlike that game, however, which stumbled and never recovered the horrifying tone, this game steps it up. Even after you escape with your life, it's just you and a flashlight with a hope and a sketchy plan.

Even after you get a weapon and a fully functioning armor suit, you're still vulnerable. Enemies are faster than in the previous title and much more damaging, even on the "normal" setting. The team has also mixed and matched the enemy varieties, with necromorphs that will keep you on your toes and spawn points that will have you constantly checking your back. One group called "the pack" is especially terrifying because they move extremely fast, use hit and run tactics, hide when you look for them and, as you would guess, attacking in a group.

But where the terror happens in the new "dementia" moments. It isn't the same old boring hallucinations. No, one moment you're staring at a wall, the next, you are in an elevator with your dead girlfriend. She has glowing eyes and a mouth. And she slowly... steps... closer... Its moments like these were you are powerless to do anything and you are forced to watch as this horrible vision steps closer to you. I found myself with a feeling of dread, and I wasn't sure I wanted to know what would happen next.

Yeah, things like that really get under your skin (or at least mine). The string, tense music is back like before, sounds and scratches in the distance give you this feeling that nowhere is safe, and by the time you take a break, you're mentally exhausted. Exactly what a good, thriller needs.

Graphically the game is more polished than before, and gameplay wise it is still the same, with little changes here and there, most notably the zero-gravity sections. They still seems annoying and superfluous, but they are improved with the ability to move around with the new booster equipped suits. Also, the kinesis and and stasis modules that were just gravy bonus are now integral to survival.

Long story short, things that i wanted from the first one were delivered here.The only little nit pick I can offer is that you pick up these logs that people left behind. Some are audio but most are texts. I personally do not have a 1000 inch tv, so the writing is so small that i can't read that crap... and really, in the furutre, where people are running for lives, they had time to write down their last thoughts?

Until I reach the ending, I'm giving this one and 8.5. Thanks for reading.