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  • Blog Post: Creeping Death

    Abandoned towns, spooky houses, haunted woods; these are all typical settings for horror games. One setting that hasn't been done to death is space. If you think about it, space is an excellent setting for horror. It's dark, cold, and desolate. There is so much unknown about it and there is a... More
  • Blog Post: Strategically Dismembering Horror Cliches

    >>Concept Alien , the game >>Graphics Excellent. The gore-filled environments look particularly good >>Sound Beyond amazing. This is easily some of the best sound design in gaming >>Playability Controls work just fine, although PC gamers will be annoyed by the mandatory gamepad... More
  • Blog Post: Pro evolution's stumbling days are over with the new Pes 13 demo

    With the Pro evolution soccer 13 demo released and downloadable, I knew that a review had to be put on to try and uncover what will be upcoming of the 12th game in the Pro evolution soccer. Now below is the trailer, which contains the points which are included in the game. The core points are PlayerID... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 2

    Mass Effect was undoubtably my best RPG of 2007. I just recently purchased Mass Effect 2 and find that a few mechanics were changed. When I say changed, I mean it in the best way possible. There were a variety of enemies to face off against such as the returning Geth, the Collectors, The Blue Suns, The... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space's RPG Elements (and lack of) Make Game Shine

    Dead Space has got to be the most interesting, intense game in recent generation. If you have yet to play game you must be doubtful about some aspect. As someone who loves RPGs, I'm telling you this game is great. It's not an RPG in most senses, but it is in others. Perhaps the greatest element... More
  • Blog Post: Sometimes Scary is Good

    I never had any intention of buying Dead Space when I first heard about it. I hated anything related to horror, so why would i buy a horror game? I heard from so many of my friends that is was the scariest game they ever played, so i never once considered buying it. Then about two years later, I got... More
  • Blog Post: The fear that you been dying for

    Ok when i started this game i was thinking that this will be easy for me. But five mins in the game it din't seem easy for me. From the elevators and other guys dying in front of me. Theres a lot of things in the game you hate. Theres no interface, every thing is in your face. And did i tell you... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space took my Expectations, and Demolished Them......In a VERY Good way.

    This Third-Person horror game, you obtain the role of Isacc Clarke, an engineer with little to no training. You are going to the USG Ishimura (a spacecraft), to fix the communications array when you find out that the ship has been plagued by a mutant, zombielike infestation. So, you have to do objective... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space - Late but not Forgotten

    This game was out a long time before I got it, and I had it a good nine months before actually playing it. I'm very glad that I got around to playing it though. I thought this was a great game. It kept me on the edge of my couch for the first half to two thirds of the game. I could only play for... More
  • Blog Post: Are you scared?

    Dead Space is an incredible. I had always wanted it from the day it came out, but I was too chicken to buy it. When I saw at the Movie Gallery out of business sale for $18, i decided i was man enough. Was I scared? No. Incredible use of lighting, sound, and some of the freakiest looking s*** ive ever... More
  • Blog Post: Absolutely Horrifying

    This game is truly horrifying. The mood created by Dead Space is what makes the game work. The feeling of being alone in space is new; fresh. The monsters are extremely scary, and not exactly easy to kill. My only problem with this game is the fact that I cannot play this game for more than an hour straight... More
  • Blog Post: What was that thing? Was it even human?!

    Dead Space is one of those rare games that makes you want to finish it all the way through and can make you pee your pants. It is one of the most terrifying experiances ever crafted on any console. I was completely blown away by how incredibly detailed the visuals were as well as the deep plot surrounding... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space Review - AJS

    I honestly loved this game. It was a truly suspenseful game. It was a thriller. It made me jump out of my skin a million times, and a million times again. I think the futuristic setting of this game is perfect. Also, I loved the graphics. The art was beautiful. Especially the gore. The gore was amazing... More
  • Blog Post: ...Anf if I die before I wake by hundreds of carniverous alien nechromorphs tearing my flesh apart...

    The first time I entered the Ishimura was on October 10, 2009. I still have not recovered from the horriffic images that plague my mind after playing for only 30 min. But that's a good thing...right? Dead Space is the scariest piece of multimedia device that I have ever encountered in my 13 years... More
  • Blog Post: One of my favorite games.

    this game is near perfection the gameplay is great the suspense is amazing.this game is pretty dam scary to. no moive or game has made me cry at night like this game. i love the controls and the sound is one of the best ever in a game.there are tiny flaws but not big enough to get in the way of the gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: A Fear You Cant Resist

    Move over Resident Evil theres a new sheriff in town! Dead Space takes place on a mining ship call the Ishimura. You play as Isaaic Clarke sent on a mission to repair the ship and ,on a personal note, meet up with his girlfriend Nicole.but when you arrive you find that the crew has somehow been infected... More
  • Blog Post: Jump For Health

    If you've read someones post they said that this was not scary. Reason: He was playing on easy. My dad played on Normal and wasn't impressed. But I played it on Hard, and getting hit three times killed you. This game is more "I need health" than "I'm so scared". I used... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space Reader Review - By Dave VanDewark

    Dead Space is an excellent survival horror title and i commend EA for taking a shot on a new franchise. i loved the whole experience from start to finish. and the RPG-ish level of customization was such a breath of fresh air. this game essentially is like resident evil 4 in space. which personally resident... More
  • Blog Post: In space, EVERYTHING will make you SCREAM!

    The graphics are one of the best to date for the next gen systems. From the gravity pull rooms, to the immensely large bosses, to the incredible planet views from the various parts of the space ship this game is setting new standards that not many will be able to live up to. The control is your typical... More
  • Blog Post: DeadSpace

    If you want something new and fresh this will be the game. You will probably want somebody there for the comfort. This game is a buy and will have a great experience More
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