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  • Blog Post: Creeping Death

    Abandoned towns, spooky houses, haunted woods; these are all typical settings for horror games. One setting that hasn't been done to death is space. If you think about it, space is an excellent setting for horror. It's dark, cold, and desolate. There is so much unknown about it and there is a... More
  • Blog Post: Review - Dead Space

    It's fairly obvious how late I'm touching on this game. With Dead Space 3 releasing just over a month ago, I've finally found myself putting Dead Space into my PS3. I admit my first two experiences with Dead Space weren't in my favor, which in turn, lead to the game sitting on my shelf... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space successfully stands out from the crowd as a new franchise and should not be missed

    Dead Space (DS) is a superb new entry in the survival-horror genre that never stops creating a very palpable and tension filled atmosphere throughout each of its twelve chapters. Combining the peril of the unknown with the thrill of exploration, you play as Issac Clarke--one member on a team sent in... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space's RPG Elements (and lack of) Make Game Shine

    Dead Space has got to be the most interesting, intense game in recent generation. If you have yet to play game you must be doubtful about some aspect. As someone who loves RPGs, I'm telling you this game is great. It's not an RPG in most senses, but it is in others. Perhaps the greatest element... More
  • Blog Post: Freaky good!!!

    Dead Space is by far the creepiest game I have ever played. It ranks above Silent Hill and Resident Evil. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire game, just waiting to see what was around the next corner. I actually came out of my seat a few times thanks to the creepy necromorphs falling in behind... More
  • Blog Post: Absolutely Horrifying

    This game is truly horrifying. The mood created by Dead Space is what makes the game work. The feeling of being alone in space is new; fresh. The monsters are extremely scary, and not exactly easy to kill. My only problem with this game is the fact that I cannot play this game for more than an hour straight... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space Review - AJS

    I honestly loved this game. It was a truly suspenseful game. It was a thriller. It made me jump out of my skin a million times, and a million times again. I think the futuristic setting of this game is perfect. Also, I loved the graphics. The art was beautiful. Especially the gore. The gore was amazing... More
  • Blog Post: One of my favorite games.

    this game is near perfection the gameplay is great the suspense is amazing.this game is pretty dam scary to. no moive or game has made me cry at night like this game. i love the controls and the sound is one of the best ever in a game.there are tiny flaws but not big enough to get in the way of the gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: A Fear You Cant Resist

    Move over Resident Evil theres a new sheriff in town! Dead Space takes place on a mining ship call the Ishimura. You play as Isaaic Clarke sent on a mission to repair the ship and ,on a personal note, meet up with his girlfriend Nicole.but when you arrive you find that the crew has somehow been infected... More
  • Blog Post: The survival horror genre has be reborn

    When I first heard about Dead Space, I wasn't very exited because most horror these days are missing one crucial element, HORROR , and I though Dead Space would be no different from every survival-horror game out there these days that are just action games with survival-horror stamped on them. But... More
  • Blog Post: My usual Good vs. Bad review (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned)

    My usual Good vs. Bad review (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned) Twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are... Up above the world so high, DEAD SPACE ROCKS who can deny? Hopefully no one... Anyways this game is AMAZING from the floor up! Why? Well check out the review! The Good:... More
  • Blog Post: DEAD SPACE!! Fan Review

    this is 1 of my favorite games ever 10/10 More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space Reader Review - By Dave VanDewark

    Dead Space is an excellent survival horror title and i commend EA for taking a shot on a new franchise. i loved the whole experience from start to finish. and the RPG-ish level of customization was such a breath of fresh air. this game essentially is like resident evil 4 in space. which personally resident... More
  • Blog Post: In space, EVERYTHING will make you SCREAM!

    The graphics are one of the best to date for the next gen systems. From the gravity pull rooms, to the immensely large bosses, to the incredible planet views from the various parts of the space ship this game is setting new standards that not many will be able to live up to. The control is your typical... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space

    I don`t know if the difficulty of the game has any influence on the shocks of the game, but if it doesn`t have any the game is not as scary as everyone says. The game`s awesome, but I got the game because everybody said it was scary. I just jumped 2 times playing it. I was more scared in Silent Hill... More
  • Blog Post: EA surprisingly delivers big, far away the familiar sports world.

    Late last year EA cracked open the secret of a new franchise that would brave the outer rims of deep space and venture far into a genre that is usually dominated by other known names. Most people scoffed at the idea that such a project would blossom any form of success, including myself. But curiosity... More
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