With the Pro evolution soccer 13 demo released and downloadable, I knew that a review had to be put on to try and uncover what will be upcoming of the 12th game in the Pro evolution soccer.  Now below is the trailer, which contains the points which are included in the game.  The core points are PlayerID, Proactive AI and Full control.


The 4 different points are included in the demo, quite vividly, as the trailer shows.  PlayerID is the re-creation of a player, to show the players traits down to movements, certain skills and their natural abilities.  This means that depending who you play with, no two players are the same.  When playing with Ronaldo, just like in the trailer, his trademark run was easily visible due to him running with his arms almost by his side, unlike most others.

Proactive AI (Proactive Attacking intelligence) is how the simulator creates attacking players around the controller, by providing runs through reading the defence and calculating what to do.  In a sense, it's how the layers used the space around them, and they certainly did.  Wing backs made frequent overlapping runs, which dragged players frequently out of position.  Also, using the L2 button, an arrow appeared, in which you could move to show where you wanted a run to happen in, which is quiet clever in a sense.

Full control, very self explanatory, is the controlling of things like dribbling, passing and shooting.  This means that you manually control what will happen when you press that button to shoot or dribble.  I would regularly curl the ball into bottom corners, and it was consistently accurate.  When it came to Pro evolution soccer's previous titles, these tended to be assisted, and very inaccurate.

The sense of the game was that it delivered all of the points it said it would deliver on, some features were missing, like all the games modes, but due to it being a demo, this would be the case.  The starting menu had gone under re-vamp, as well as the pre match menu.  The choices in teams included international teams (Germany, England, Italy and Portugal), and the Copa Santander Liberatadores (Santos, Fluminense, Flamengo and Internacional).  All these were licensed and full teams.  

The rating, in a sense, is what it can achieve when the finished product is to be on sale, as it delivered on these points according, and that it wasn't too hard to look for.  The game felt how it should feel, slick, slowed down to represent real time, bugs like a sudden halt to running and the overall running movement had been corrected.  This, in my opinion, is a very true representation of how this demo panned out.  To conclude, this game is back from the brink of embarrassment, and now up there with the illusive Fifa.