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Dead Rising 3

Nick Ramos Shows No Mercy To Zombies In Trailer And Screenshots

Dead Rising is back and is coming only to the Xbox One in its third installment. Play as mechanic Nick Ramos in this zombie apocalypse madness from Capcom Vancouver.

While the information on the title is limited so far, it's clear that plenty of brutal violence and makeshift weapons will be featured in this title.

Dead Rising 3 does not yet have a confirmed release date.

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  • The game looks like a lot of fun, but since it's Capcom, then the game probably won't be an exclusive for long.
  • Looks darker than before. That might be a step in the right direction, or it might kill the entire series.
  • I have never played one of these games and it looked rather cool, but when he called down an air strike i lost all interest.  At least to me that was the dumbest thing i have ever seen in a zombie game.  

  • I am very excited for this!
  • I freacking love Dead Rising 2 and this one looks great. I sure hope its co-op though.
  • didnt play the first games, but this does look better....may wait on this one but looks intresting.

  • Well it looks pretty grim and darker than the other Dead Risings. There was a simple joy in destroying zombies with unique and weird weapons. It was over the top fun. If this dead rising keeps the crazy fun tone and feel of the earlier DR games then I think fans will be happy.

  • I really like the direction this game seems to be going. Unfortunately this nor any of the other XBox exclusives announced or shown so far have made me convinced that I'll need to get an Xbox One.

  • Just hope they get rid of the timed segments. That was the only thing I really disliked about the other ones. Also since its capcom here's hoping it eventually comes to the pc or ps4; since I won't support microsofts drm bs.

  • this looks awesome

  • Everyone seems to be complaining about the time segments. For sits sake people, if you want a zombie game without a time limit buy something else; the time limit is what makes the game. You either have to *** deal with it or move on.

  • The sane part of me says that the Xbox One is a mistake. The fanboy in me is screaming up and down in joy from this game. Conflicted...
  • From what I can see... poor Nick looks pretty screwed.

  • never could get into dead rising.....

  • I may get this if they fix the save system. I can deal with the time mechanic just not with that horrible save system.

  • Capcom you *** traitors, sellouts I would have bougth this game and its Off the Record version hopefully staring Chuck Greene. Hadnt you chosen to release it on Xbox One, hopedully its only timed and it arrives to PS4 ala Mass Effect. Oh Yeah! But damn I really wanted to play Dead Rising 3. What a shame *** U MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like a nice touchup I guess.

  • looks way better than the last

  • One does not simply changes the releasing platforms of a franchise.
  • I was so happy to see this announcement as I am a huge Dead Rising fan. I wished they would have kept the art style and tone a little closer to the previous games, but that aside, I think everything else looks spectacular. I look forward to building lots of crazy weapons and slaying some zombie hordes!

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