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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Sandbox Mode Is Back!

Dead Rising 2 added a brand-new character to the Dead Rising universe, an impressive weapons-crafting system, and the ability to fill the screen with more zombies than before. One thing is didn't have, however, was the sandbox mode from the first game. That's about to change, with the release of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Developer Capcom Vancouver teased about a new mode when the game was first announced in April at Captivate, and now they've spilled the beans completely. At PAX today, Capcom revealed that a sandbox mode will be in Off the Record. As the trailer below shows, this basically removes all of the missions and time constraints, allowing Frank West to explore Fortune City at his leisure. To give the mode a bit more depth, Capcom has added a variety of optional challenges in the world. One moment, Frank might be tasked with slaying as many zombies as possible within a time limit. Later, his photography skills can be pushed to the limit in a race to accumulate as many PPs as possible with his camera. This being Fortune City, he might even engage in a booze-chugging race.

Sandbox mode can be played solo, or players can grab a friend and explore together. Challenges appear to accommodate two players, so your friends won't have to sit out while you have all the fun.

While you're encouraged to dink around Fortune City, don't forget to pay attention to your stomach. As with Dead Rising's original incarnation, Frank takes damage over time and players will have to track down food and healing items to stay alive. It would be embarrassing to starve to death in the middle of a wheelchair race now, wouldn't it?

Look for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 11.

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  • I never liked the food system from the first game. Hopefully food will respawn.
  • They should have gotten rid of the time limit in the first place. Also the missions suck zombie Dick in that game. I might have played it if they improved over the first one, but they didn't really.
  • Nice, one of my favorite things to do in DR2 was just dink around, but feeling pressured to do missions and protect Chuck's daughter made me reticent to screw around too much.

  • I hated infinity mode in the original. It's kinda hard to enjoy anything when you need to find food every 15 minutes.

  • they need to redesign the whole save thing..make it more like assassins creed...if u take a step in AC is autosaves for u..i hate the time system..lame...and a dealbreaker for me
  • aww... I hate having to locate food... especially in sandbox mode ;_______; oh well its nice to see it back again :D

  • All a timer does is take away the fun.... just get rid of the *** thing all together.

  • The Dead Rising series IMO is just an exercise in frustration. If its not looking for food every few minutes, its looking for a restroom to save. Can't I just kill some *** zombies carefree. Isn't that what video games were made for.. carefree zombie killing? Take your time limits and ball and chain mechanics and shove it Capcom.
  • I didn't think the first one had a Sandbox mode. This is the one reason I haven't bought a Dead Rising game. Now I shall.
  • What is this game?! It nice to see a protagonist who isn't ripped though.
  • My extreme fear ofzombies stopped me from enjoying my Dead rising 2 rental but I dunno I might give it another try and buy this.
  • how are the dead rising games?
  • I'm going to stick with Dead Island.
  • I remember having to leave the Xbox on overnight to get that 7 day achievement in the first game. Definitely glad to hear it's back!
  • i knew about this from the achievements
  • Well it's good to know.

  • Why is everyone complaining about the time limit when that's the one thing that makes Dead Rising unique? As for survivor mode in the first game (and presumably in Off the Record as well) I enjoyed that the food you found actually had some importance, in that it was in a different location and was only there once. It made it feel like, gasp, an ACTUAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.
  • I'll probably hold off... way too many awesome games coming out, and too little of a budget

  • Wow. I'm loving the depth they've added. The original "infinity mode" was fun, but there never felt like much of a reason to play for a super long time. I can't wait for Frank's return!

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