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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Behold The Power Of An Electric Sledgehammer

Sure, Chuck Greene got a lot of attention for his ability to combine household items and a little duct tape to create fearsome zombie-slaying weapons. Just because Frank West has a reputation for being a shutterbug, that doesn't preclude him from being handy. A new trailer for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record shows off what happens when West puts the handyman's secret weapon to good use.

His creation, the electric crusher, combines the best of a sledgehammer and a car battery. More specifically, it's like a lightning-infused supermallet that's powerful enough to make Thor weep into his beard. While it's great for swinging around, its charge attack (no pun intended) creates a lovely purple lightning storm that electrocutes any undead unfortunate enough to be close by. If you're into crowd control, this looks to be an invaluable item in West's arsenal. See it in action in the clip below. And for more info on the game, check out my E3 preview.

Look for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on October 11 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • So I'm old enough to play the game, but not old enough to watch someone else play it. Hmm interesting logic you guys got here.
  • Just got Dead rising 2 and having a blast with it, can't wait to pick this one up too.

  • Oh Capcom, you and your three games.
  • Oooooo pretty.

  • With the power of Thor! I shall rape zombies!
  • Was he texting while running with his electric sledgehammer?

  • Crossing into Dynasty Warriors territory...

  • Frank has bluetooth now? Well, that's probably pretty convenient for taking calls  while fighting zombies. Regardless, this is an obvious cash in and I'll be having no parts of it. Capcom isn't exactly on my good side right now.

  • Romero's pole from call of the dead?

  • Frank has the power of THOR!!!!

  • I wish i could get into these dead rising games.  I played the first one and bought the arcade game demo thing of the second game but i just can't get into them :(  I think it is the constant timer on everything that deters me from these games.

  • Should have just called the hammer Mjölnir
  • This is right up there with the case someone doesn't know it's a gunning wheelchair that sounds like stephen hawking fused with rambo!

  • Awesome. Enough said.

  • I didn't know Thor's last name was West....

  • This combo weapon reminds me of thor BTW Thor is AWESOME

  • Dead rising: throwing realism out the window since 2007.

  • wow thats really cool ^^

  • The electric sledgehammer looks cool.

  • *** love zombie games!

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