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  • Blog Post: Sandbox Mode Is Back!

    Dead Rising 2 added a brand-new character to the Dead Rising universe, an impressive weapons-crafting system, and the ability to fill the screen with more zombies than before. One thing is didn't have, however, was the sandbox mode from the first game. That's about to change, with the release... More
  • Blog Post: Behold The Power Of An Electric Sledgehammer

    Sure, Chuck Greene got a lot of attention for his ability to combine household items and a little duct tape to create fearsome zombie-slaying weapons. Just because Frank West has a reputation for being a shutterbug, that doesn't preclude him from being handy. A new trailer for Dead Rising 2: Off... More
  • Blog Post: Frank Goes On A Leisurely Stroll Through The Park

    Developer Capcom Vancouver teased an all-new area in the Dead Rising 2 what-if story, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record back in April , and today I got to play it. Uranus Zone is an amusement park with a space-age theme, new weapons combos, and plenty of opportunities for crazy zombie mayhem. The hands-on... More
  • Blog Post: Frank West Is Back In A New 'What If?' Adventure

    “The Fortune City incident. People always ask me about it. ‘Why didn’t you cover it? Why didn’t you break the story? Why weren’t you there, Frank?’ Well, I wasn’t—Chuck Greene was,” spits Frank West, bitterly. “He broke the story, uncovered... More
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