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  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2 Review: The Apocalypse Shouldn’t Be This Much Fun

    Dead Rising was an early example of what the then-new Xbox 360 hardware could do. Running through vast crowds of zombies in a mall was wish fulfillment for a generation of people raised on George Romero movies, and slaughtering them wholesale with improvised weaponry was blood-red icing on the cake.... More
  • Blog Post: Keep Your Eyes Peeled During Dead Rising: Case West Trailer

    Capcom just announced that it will be releasing a downloadable epilogue to its upcoming Dead Rising 2 that adds a familiar face. Frank West, the photojournalist hero from the first game, will be teaming up with Dead Rising 2's Chuck Greene to clear Greene's name from a zombie-outbreak conspiracy... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With Dead Rising 2’s Campaign

    We’ve done a lot of Dead Rising 2 coverage, but today was the first time it’s felt that we’ve played the game. Sure, we’ve cracked a lot of zombie skulls, combined weapons, and even battled a pair of twin psychopaths, but elements of the game have been missing up until now. Today... More
  • Blog Post: Bloody Hands-On Impressions Of Dead Rising 2

    Meet Chuck. Chuck is a handy man, professional Motocross rider, and most importantly of all a zombie-genocidist. He’s a very different protagonist than the first Dead Rising’s photographer Frank “I’ve covered wars” West, and for that reason the gameplay of Dead Rising 2’s... More
  • Blog Post: Hands On With Dead Rising 2

    It’s been a few months since news of Dead Rising 2 came shambling out of Capcom’s offices, and we’ve finally gotten the chance to play it. At an event in Tokyo, gamers from around the world got to test the game’s single-player mode out for a while before squaring off in the competitive... More
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