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  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2 Review: The Apocalypse Shouldn’t Be This Much Fun

    Dead Rising was an early example of what the then-new Xbox 360 hardware could do. Running through vast crowds of zombies in a mall was wish fulfillment for a generation of people raised on George Romero movies, and slaughtering them wholesale with improvised weaponry was blood-red icing on the cake.... More
  • Blog Post: Keep Your Eyes Peeled During Dead Rising: Case West Trailer

    Capcom just announced that it will be releasing a downloadable epilogue to its upcoming Dead Rising 2 that adds a familiar face. Frank West, the photojournalist hero from the first game, will be teaming up with Dead Rising 2's Chuck Greene to clear Greene's name from a zombie-outbreak conspiracy... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With Dead Rising 2’s Campaign

    We’ve done a lot of Dead Rising 2 coverage, but today was the first time it’s felt that we’ve played the game. Sure, we’ve cracked a lot of zombie skulls, combined weapons, and even battled a pair of twin psychopaths, but elements of the game have been missing up until now. Today... More
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