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Dead Rising 2

Hands-On With Dead Rising 2’s Campaign

We’ve done a lot of Dead Rising 2 coverage, but today was the first time it’s felt that we’ve played the game. Sure, we’ve cracked a lot of zombie skulls, combined weapons, and even battled a pair of twin psychopaths, but elements of the game have been missing up until now. Today, we got a chance to play the game from the start—cutscenes, survivors, and everything.

During our adventure in Fortune City, Chuck had a chance to rescue a few survivors. As with the first game, players can give items to these NPCs and issue simple navigation commands such as having them follow Chuck or head to a specified waypoint. The AI seems to do a better job handling the horde, particularly when they’re chasing after Chuck. That’s not to say that they’re invulnerable—they just don’t need quite as much babysitting.

One such survivor was LaShawndra, a woman in a yellow housedress. I found her standing on a bar surrounded by the undead. After clearing my way toward her, I hopped up alongside her to see what was going on. Her no-good husband had abandoned her, she told me, and she wasn’t very happy about it. I told her that I could take her to a safe place, and she went along, saying that she hoped we could find Gordon somewhere on the way.

After taking her to the safe house it was clear that Gordon did a good job of fleeing. I did track him down about 15 minutes later, and he reluctantly followed me. I gave him a nightstick to defend himself, and Gordon held his own against the zombies. Once rescued, I got a nice PP bonus.

Some of the characters I ran into were Rebecca Chang, a reporter for Channel 6 Action News, and a Terror is Reality contestant named Leon. Chang was on the lookout for a hot story, and Chuck’s “I’ve been framed!” tale piqued her interest. She led him to the security room, where she’d hoped to find surveillance footage of how the outbreak spread, which would clear Chuck’s name. Unfortunately, the tapes were gone and the guard was murdered—and not by a zombie. Looks like she’ll have to do more investigating. Leon used to idolize Chuck when he was a pro motorcross racer, but Leon thinks Chuck has gone soft. He even thwarts Chuck’s attempt to save a survivor by cutting the poor fellow in half with his chainsaw-enhanced motorcycle.What is this guy, some kind of psychopath? Oh, yeah, right.

Overall, it was great to see a bit more of the game. While it’s been fun destroying zombies for the sake of doing so, having objectives adds an obvious sense of purpose to the experience. We’re looking forward to getting a bigger chunk of that experience this fall, when the game ships.

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  • 1st most anticipated game of the latter half of 2010.
  • the game im most excited for when it comes to my games about zombies list.kinda weird how i catergorize games huh?
  • the sample demo/facetime with one of the reps from the game's developer from g4tv's coverage did not impress me at all.  the guy did not showcase the game well.  the only bit of positive news he eluded to was that the game has a few extra save slots.  didn't say much else.  dingbat!  the gameplay footage shown looks unimpressive.  i loved the 1st DR and was hoping they would up the ante with the second.  instead, it looks like that the same engine was re-used and i noticed little difference in gameplay and visual design during the gameplay.  hope they polish up the game before it's release or it'll be RE5 all over again, all glossed over from the previous great game.

  • i want frank back lol.

  • Leon = the next Kent(Kent from DR1)oh god,lets hope Leon dosent have an annoying laugh -_- overall even if the game isnt much different from DR1 im still going to buy it,and ill actually pay for Microsoft points if it means getting Case Zero,Man thanks GI,and Meta77 Frank will be back,hopefully in Case Zero

  • does that time limit the game forces on you ruin or help the game's experience. i didn't play the first one because of the time limit but i think i'll just play the sequel regardless since i hate missing out on good games. hopefully this Capcom game doesn't suffer like the last few Capcom titles.

  • Hopefully will be a little better executed than the first game.  That one got on my nerves a bit, what with the horrible save system and clunky controls...

  • Was there an annoying time aspect, like the first one? I know it was meant to push a sense of urgency, but it also kind of cut into your desire to explore and experiment more.

  • How are the controls? I still don't own Dead Rising 1 because of the terrible controls. And the arbitrary time limit.
  • I wonder how this game will do overall. I'm interested in this but I don't think I will get it.

  • Thank goodness for the multiple save slots. At least this time you could make multiple saves throughout one playthrough and be able to explore different side quests during the game without having to create a whole different playthrough, and be forced to play all the main missions multiple times.

  • I did not enjoy the first game, but I'll admit.. The sequel is starting to look good.

  • Oh man, I can't wait.  But I'm still ticked that they kept the countdown timer.

  • Hyped up for this. By the way, why is the game only under PS3, in "games mentioned in this article"?

  • did you guys know that theres a dlc only exclusive for the 360? its set 2 years before dead rising 2

    I mean case zero. sorry
  • omygod i have been waiting for this game ever since i beat the first one. i can't wait!

  • the first game rocked but this should be AWESOME!!!

  • cool.

  • Glad to see that the survivors acutally act like they can fight zombies. They were awful in 1. They wouldn't fight well or follow. You're killing me people...

  • i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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