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  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2 - "So Many Zombies, So Little Time"

    The introduction to Dead Rising 2 captures the greatest aspects of the game while highlighting many of the largest issues. It starts with a pensive Chuck Greene talking to his daughter as he prepares to enter the stadium for the ultimate zombie game show, Terror Is Reality. When the mayhem is at its... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2 makes zombie killing almost unresistable.

    I've recently beaten the second installment to the Dead Rising series, and I must say this. I had a hell of time. Whether It was completing a mission from the story line, or just randomly going about massacring hundreds of the undead, I just had fun with it. Dead Rising 2 has beautiful graphics,... More
  • Blog Post: It's good but no left 4 dead

    Dead rising 2 is fun. For the most part. The fun part is a great story followed by a great weapon creation system and fun gameplay. The coop is also fantastic. However, many times the gameplay will often grow stale and repetive and the bosses are just annoying. Not to mentikon the fact that whenever... More
  • Blog Post: The original plus some.

    I thought this game was fairly well done in respect to the original. The basic concept remained the same, (I'm in a mall-like structure, I need to save people, and gradually uncover what's going on) and the gore was maintained. Yet, I couldn't help but get slightly bored after using many... More
  • Blog Post: Much Improved and Bloody As Ever

    Dead Rising 2 once again proves it is king of zombie death. With so many undead on the screen at once and so much blood on the floor, Dead Rising 2 is tons of fun. Graphics: The graphics are not that bad in this game. Some of the areas are not that detailed but the core of the game looks great, especially... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom's Deadrising 2 is worth every penny.

    Deadrising 2 is just fantastic. It is fun, gory, got some humor, and multiplayer. Multiplayer adds a very unique way of killing zombies, although I've never played online. Solve the cases together on co-op or compete for prize money on the multiplayer mode: Terror Is Reality! (TV show, btw) The story... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2: Game Review

    Let There Be Zombies Not really sure where to start this one, I had never planned to write a review about this game and that is one of the main reasons why it's so " late " coming. I try to have a review written and posted within a week or two after the game comes out but real life has... More

  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2, A Freeplay Storyline

    This Is possibly the best zombie game of the decade. When I first played dead rising 2 I fell in love. It is an amazingly layed out openspace/freeplay with a strong storyline to it. It is so fun and gratifying to for example find a big clump of zombies and send in a heliblade. I was suprised that the... More
  • Blog Post: Yes We Can

  • Blog Post: Great game!!

    This was a fun game, and highly recommended.. It's just those load time's man there long they need a patch to fix them... Other then that go get this game... More
  • Blog Post: The ONLY open world zombie title I've played.

    Dead rising 2 is one of the best zombie games I've ever played, and the only open world one of those I have played. The controls are mostly solid, although I wish I could have the option to remap them (I play on PC). The only complaint I have is that you have to be looking RIGHT at a weapon to use... More
  • Blog Post: AWSOME

    the first one was great and i am planning to get the second one More
  • Blog Post: mine

    I dont have a rating for this game cus ive neverplayed it, but it looks awsome More
  • Blog Post: Gr8t

    I love this game. I like the different weapon combinations, the objectives and the controls. The voice acting is a bit under par but it doesn't affect how much I love it at all so ^_^. LOVE IT. More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2: Stagnation

    I like Dead Rising. I think it is a rather creative franchise in the zombie-slaying genre. I like the fact that you can capture the feel of trying to survive a zombie apocalypse with nothing but a bit of good, old fashioned human ingenuity and a handful of food. I like the fact that you can create 'Bosses'... More
  • Blog Post: One of the worst games I have ever played

    I could not disagree more with Game Informers review. When I first put Dead Rising 2 into my 360 and started the game I had this sense of excitement. This game wont be like Dead Rising I said to myself, it wont have obtrusive time limits, ludicrously difficult boss fights, horrible writing and a uninteresting... More
  • Blog Post: Still clunky - but for a reason!?

    Dead Rising was a very deceive release on the early roster of the Xbox 360. With it’s brutal difficulty, rigid controls, and it’s Japanese crazy parody of Dawn of the Dead you either learned to love it or put down the controller hours into it. Dead Rising 2 is back now a couple of years into... More
  • Blog Post: Blue Castle Out did themselves

    I have been playing this for at least 20 hours now and have yet to be bored or run out of things to d. Besides the immense size of the game, different themed casino's, bright colours and countless zombies waiting to be killed this is a game that will be occupying my time for a while. It is similar... More
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