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  • Blog Post: The original plus some.

    I thought this game was fairly well done in respect to the original. The basic concept remained the same, (I'm in a mall-like structure, I need to save people, and gradually uncover what's going on) and the gore was maintained. Yet, I couldn't help but get slightly bored after using many... More
  • Blog Post: The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Dead Rising 2

    Zombie games these days seem to be lacking a lot of substance. Some are boring, while others are really boring and then over time you realize that it's about time we follow the Resident Evil way and kill off zombies in general. It's no fun killing a slow and mentally drained enemy right? Wrong... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2: Game Review

    Let There Be Zombies Not really sure where to start this one, I had never planned to write a review about this game and that is one of the main reasons why it's so " late " coming. I try to have a review written and posted within a week or two after the game comes out but real life has... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2, A Freeplay Storyline

    This Is possibly the best zombie game of the decade. When I first played dead rising 2 I fell in love. It is an amazingly layed out openspace/freeplay with a strong storyline to it. It is so fun and gratifying to for example find a big clump of zombies and send in a heliblade. I was suprised that the... More
  • Blog Post: Still clunky - but for a reason!?

    Dead Rising was a very deceive release on the early roster of the Xbox 360. With it’s brutal difficulty, rigid controls, and it’s Japanese crazy parody of Dawn of the Dead you either learned to love it or put down the controller hours into it. Dead Rising 2 is back now a couple of years into... More
  • Blog Post: Fortune City: The best place for a Zombie apocalypse.

    Have you ever wondered what a real zombie apocalypse would feel like? If so, Dead Rising probably isn't the game you're looking for. It's filled with so much over-the-top-ness and fun, there's no way this is what a real zombie apocalypse would be. If so, I can't wait until Z-Day.... More
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