I've recently beaten the second installment to the Dead Rising series, and I must say this. I had a hell of time. Whether It was completing a mission from the story line, or just randomly going about massacring hundreds of the undead, I just had fun with it. Dead Rising 2 has beautiful graphics, and a interesting out look on weapon creation. First, the visual appearance of this game isn't the best, but character models are brilliant, the zombies  are gorgeous(In a grotesque zombie way) and the environment is radiant, and gives off a polished look. Now on to the weapon creation, and my favorite part of the game. From a homicidal teddy bear, to flaming boxing gloves, the depth customizable weapons is both fun, an nearly endless. But no matter how good a game is there are always problems, and this game is no different. Repeatedly back tracking kind of ruins the fun, and some slight bugs made me curse at the game in anger. (I had tried to get in a car, instead Frank became stuck, until a zombie attacked me.) Also, after a while the gameplay starts to grow stale, and you may find yourself wondering what your going to play next. Besides these small problems, Dead Rising 2 is a solid playing experience that fans, or people that just love destroying zombies can enjoy.

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