Dead Rising 2 once again proves it is king of zombie death. With so many undead on the screen at once and so much blood on the floor, Dead Rising 2 is tons of fun.

Graphics: The graphics are not that bad in this game. Some of the areas are not that detailed but the core of the game looks great, especially with so much going on at once.

Sound: Other than the sound of zombies being shot, stabbed, or split in two, the sound effects are very good. Listening to the snarling and grunting of the zombies makes them feel more real. This also makes the game have a more creepy feel. The zombies also sound very real as they take a bite out of your shoulder and also when they are being slaughtered. Other than the mass carnage of zombies the calming hallway music sets a much nicer and more inviting scene. Both work well together, especially when coming out of a pile of zombies only to hear smooth jazz.

Gameplay: The gameplay and story line are almost identical to the first one. It involves waiting out for 72 hours until help arrives and meanwhile you roam the mall looking for survivors and beating limbs of the undead. It may seem like it gets repetitive but it really doesn't. Dead Rising 2 also allows you to create new weapons by combining two together. Just about any two weapons can be combined. Anything as simple as putting nails in a baseball bat to putting machetes on the propellers of a toy helicopter.

Story: The story actually is pretty decent for a zombie game. The way you play the story also decides the ending. There are several endings to the game, such as keeping your daughter alive, finding out what really happened, or just running around letting everyone die as you kill mass numbers of zombies.

Cons: Dead Rising 2 has its problems, however. The biggest problem that is extremely annoying is the saving. Now, the problem isn't so much a game error as it is a user error, but the save spots are spread out way too much. There also is no auto-save. It would have been nice to see that. Another thing is the friendly A.I. They are better than they were in the first, but still don't act very real. When you go from mall to mall they stay behind, making you go back and find them. These are the two biggest cons, there are some others (load times) but they are not much of a problem.

Dead Rising 2 is great fun. It would have been nice to see it a little more cleaned up, but it doesn't make a difference. Playing online with several other people can provide endless amounts of fun and chaos. The gameplay works great and the game all around is a solid buy as it will have you wanting to come back for more and more zombie flesh. Overall I give this game a 9.25/10.