Deadrising 2 is just fantastic. It is fun, gory, got some humor, and multiplayer. Multiplayer adds a very unique way of killing zombies, although I've never played online. Solve the cases together on co-op or compete for prize money on the multiplayer mode: Terror Is Reality! (TV show, btw) The story is great and very detailed. 

       This is Capcom at it's best! Loads of zombies to kill, with your own combination of weapons. Example: Nails+Propane Tank= I.E.D., Bat+Nails=Spiked Bat, and my personal favorite, Sledge Hammer+Fire Axe=The Defiler. So much to do in this game, it's literally alot. Bottom line: If you like to kill zombies, get DR2 You won't regret it.