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9.5? Really, Game Informer?

Game Informer thinks this game is on the same level as Skyrim, Fallout 3, Mortal Kombat, and Uncharted 3? Do they have any clue how to rate games? Well, partnering with GameStop, I can see why they are this bad and inconsistent with rating games. Dead Rising 2 isn't half bad, but it's also not that great. Graphics aren't too good, voice acting is non-existent, the game is VERY short, and it is fun for about 30 minutes. This game should have been a 6th generation game. Basically, Dead Island is what Dead Rising wishes it could be. While we are on the subject of these clowns not having a clue how to rate games, I just want to point out that they game God of War 3 a 10, even though the first 2 games blow it out of the water, and they gave Dead Space 3, which is by far the worst Dead Space, a 9.75. I have to go to IGN to see most reviews because Game Informer takes down their reviews. I hate you Game Informer. You're the MTV of video games.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with this.  I got it for christmas and stated playing it yesterday.  I lasted a good three hours until I grew weary of how slow he runs, and the side missions, and all the other things you mentioned.  I'm in the process on deciding whether or not to give it a second try, or just trade it in while I still get good money for it.