Have you ever wondered what a real zombie apocalypse would feel like? If so, Dead Rising probably isn't the game you're looking for. It's filled with so much over-the-top-ness and fun, there's no way this is what a real zombie apocalypse would be. If so, I can't wait until Z-Day.

Story: The story of Dead Rising isn't just a throwaway zombie story. It's filled with great characters, like Chuck and Katey Greene, and dialog that makes you believe in these characters. There are also enough little twists turns to keep you guessing, and the climax is sweet and satisfying. You'll want to know what happens.

There are also multiple endings you can unlock, but you'll want to unlock the true ending, for obvious reasons. Don't worry though, because...

Gameplay:This game is fun enough to keep you coming back for awhile. Before I even beat it, I was already planning my next playthrough. If you've ever played the original Dead Rising, you know the drill; find weapons, kill zombies and psychopaths, and do your best to survive against the odds.

You get PP (Prestige Points) for every zombie you kill, which works torwards new unlockable combo cards, skill moves, and health and inventory slots.

With the combo cards that you can unlock or find in the world, you can make brand new combo weapons. Some are strange, but they're all very helpful. There are a lot of surprising combos too, that of course, I won't spoil here.

Multiplayer:The multiplayer in this game, while probably only going to reach cult status, is fantastic. The Co-Op is basically single player with a buddy, and it's awesome.

 But the game really stands out in it's competitive multiplayer. It takes place during an episode of the in-game reality show, Terror is Reality. Everything about it feels like a TV show, from the loud mouthed, love-hate announcers, to the randomized events, to the well done cutscenes taking place before and after the events.

You can also use all of the money you've earned during multiplayer in your single player game, so if you ever need some money for Zombrex, try playing multiplayer for a few matches.

Overall: I've had a blast with Dead Rising 2 so far, and I'm still itching for more. Though there are some minor problems, like there not being a free mode, or the fact the you must complete every story mission at a certain time, every good detail overshadows this. Dead Rising 2 is a great game, a sheer contender for Game of the Year, and possibly one of my favorite games of all time.

I recommend it to anyone who likes fun.