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Dead or Alive Paradise Blog Guidelines
  • Why is there some many imature games.

  • ???

    I didn't play this but I thought Dead or Alive used to be a somewhat respected game what happened? More
  • Waste o' time

    If you're on the computer, reading these reviews, you have no excuse to pick this game up...because you're on the INTERNET! Plus, hard to digest a game based upon beauty on last generation graphics, what an idea. More
  • Are you serious?

    I have played the Dead or Alive seris for a long time and never had I wanted to bash my head in due to frustration more then playing this game. This game was pretty much just made for dudes and/or chicks who can't get a date. The volleyball is somewhat... More
  • Disgusting

    I don't even own a PSP. Who cares?!?! This bottom-feeding type of digital porno is gross. I'd love to see somebody at a store blush and go "I don't know how to say this... One please?". And yes, i'm male. Not all guys like that... More
  • Lol Fail

    I think this is the most epic fail in video games(Dead or Alive Beach Volley ball was all that good either) both pointless..... More
  • Typical

    ... at lest porn is pathetic enough to laugh at on occasion... this is just sad. P.S. hey dude who gave this game a 10, i want you to know i feel sorry for your pretend girl friend. More
  • Lawl

    All you weeaboos whining about disrespect need to get laid. More
  • woow

    if only the bikinis were tinyer but then it would be called porn More
  • DoA paradise

    Weird that they would consider this a game but probably get a few sales from the ppeping tom type people More
  • it will be big in japan

    sex sells baby More
  • Offensive crap much?

    Yeah, they managed to kill a beloved fighting franchise AND offend the entire human female population all at once! Way to go. Ugh. More
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