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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

New Stages And Characters, Including Another Virtua Fighter Guest

Last year's Dead or Alive 5 marked a shift for the series with the addition of new cliffhanger moments and context-sensitive background interactions. Team Ninja wasn't satisfied though, and after some new content and tuning, the studio is getting ready to release an Ultimate version of the title.

New stages and new characters, including fan favorite Ein and Virtua Fighter's Jacky Bryant, are featured in the new trailer. Dead or Alive Ultimate 5 will be out this fall on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can check out our review of the original release right now.

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  • Damn...this does look good. Shamed to say it but...I'll pick this up -_-...again.

  • JACKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • "Enough with the foreplay" she says...

    I would love to see a video of the recording studio where they capture the audio. I really want to see what these voice actors look like when saying the things these scripted for the character; especially the highly animated voice of the over-American announcer.

  • Cool beans.

  • QUESTION: was this first game (Dead or Alive part 1) to have bouncing "parts" when you would battle???
  • Wait, is there a tag team mode???
  • Ugh. Just stop teasing us and get on with Virtua Fighter VS. Dead or Alive, please. :)

    Have Team Ninja develop it, as DOA is more exciting and approachable than Virtua Fighter, but have them stow the pervert otaku cr*p FOR ONCE. Hopefully the classiness & prestige of Virtua Fighter will be enough to encourage them to do so... but didn't Pai and Sarah get DLC bikini costumes in the vanilla version of DOA5? SEGA's going to have to look over their shoulders methinks. Team Ninja would've given Samus a string bikini in Metroid Other M if Nintendo hadn't watched them carefully, no doubt.

    Meanwhile, AM2 should give Virtua Fighter a rest for awhile. They don't seem to know where to take it - Virtua Fighter 5 has been getting revisions for the past 6-7 years, which should've been the window with which they should've made an entirely new series' entry. Not to mention, VF5 is practically "Ultimate VF4: Evolution" already. They'd be better served trying to resurrect ANOTHER Sega fighter, with different and fresh ideas. Games like Fighting Vipers or Last Bronx. But I want to see them do something new with a fighting game. Virtua Fighter just needs a rest.

    But VF fighters as guest characters? That's exciting. Let 'em do something fresh and exciting with different sound FX :)
  • I can dig it!!!!

  • But the real question is...does it suck?

  • How is this game? Because, I'm interested, but I never hear anything about this one. 4 was good, mainly because of Eliot, but still, I don't hear much about this game.

  • I missed out on the original DoA 5 but this version is looking more and more tempting now that they've added my favorite VF character (Jacky) *and* one of my all time favorite DoA characters (Ein) to the roster.

  • This just makes me want a true VF VS DoA

  • Aww man I was hoping for more female characters that's already three out of five damn. (yes I like to ogle sue me) :p

  • YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!! EIN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!


  • I really need to pick up this game soon.

  • I love boobies!! :D I'll prolly get this game

  • I think if they budget the game at a good price than at least the DOA faithful may consider another purchase.

  • Can't wait to kick Jann Lee's butt as Jacky Bryant.  Ever since cracking heads in VF Jacky's got some sick looking elbow attacks.  His late addition will make an interesting match up since they both use the same fighting style. Ein on the other hand, is a toss up, hope they balance him better. And make him playable in story mode.