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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Announced For PS3 And 360

The long standing tradition of releasing an updated version of a fighting game around a year later continues with Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja's latest, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

Headed to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall, Ultimate incorporates the new features of March's Dead or Alive 5 Plus on Vita and new stages and fighters. The first announced new character is Momiji (seen above on the right). While she hasn't appeared in the DOA series before, Ninja Gaiden fans will be plenty familiar with her. No pricing information is available yet, but we'd be surprised if cost the full $60 for an update of an older game.

Check out the screens and trailer below to see Ultimate in action.

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  • people still play DoA? i havnt played sense dreamcast
  • Dead or Alive 5 Unlimited: Now with more bikinis!!

  • "... but we'd be surprised if cost the full $60 for an update of an older game." Skyrim?
  • Love doa but I'm content sticking with my regular version of 5

  • She's cute.

  • I haven't played DOA 5 but might give it a try.

  • I sure hope Ultimate includes all the DLC costumes.
  • Put Ein back in and I'm there.

  • Mod
    Did DOA 5 do well enough for this to be released o.O? It kinda died down after a few weeks, I didn't see too many people talking about the game.
  • Tecmo really is the opposite of Square Enix. They release more games than they announce, they constantly re-release games and add new content, and barely worry about cutscenes at all.

  • Nice! They're bringing Leon back...

  • So when is devil's third coming out?

  • Everytime I see DOA, all I think about is Dan saying, "Meh, boob physics!" in that snarky voice. LOL :)
  • I didn't get this game the first time and right now I'm looking for fun fighting games. Is this one of those games that I should pick up?
  • With momiji around,she can make Kasumi look like a freaking noob!lol!

  • Never, NBVER buy fighting games at launch. I have learned this lesson from way back in the SNES days - I still own all 3 versions of Street Fighter II for that console :) Such a sucker.

    It's why I skipped Tekken Tag 2, Injustice and yes, DOA5. I'll wait until the inevitable Ultimate reissues with added content... or at least a price cut for Tekken. I'm actually pretty sure Namco is too busy with Tekken X Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. 4 to bother with a reissue. But Injustice will definitely get a reissue - if NetherRealm is adding DLC fighters to Injustice, you KNOW there's going to be an Ultimate, budget priced version in about a year with all that stuff on the disc.

    As for DOA5 here, I'm fine with this - it's not a new practice by any means, so I'm not inclined to feel betrayed or burned in any way. Also, Momiji kicks butt :) I do hope they add more Virtua Fighters though. Frankly, both DOA and Virtua Fighter seem to be a bit... creatively stuck at the moment. I view DOA5 as a build up to the inevitable, "Dead or Alive VERSUS Virtua Fighter", which would be a lot fresher than another numbered sequel for either series at this point, to be honest. The 3 VF guests in DOA5 proper were not enough though. Add in a few more for DOA5 Ultimate and I'll definitely pick it up.
  • Show me your boo-, no wait! I mean show me your MOVES!

  • If they release this content as extra DLC (as they should for those that already own DOA5) I hope it is a reasonable price, unlike the rest of the DLC they have been releasing for this game.

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