After reading Dan's review of DoA5, then going back to reading his Tekken Tag 2 review, I'm really confused about his scores.  Obvious bias for Tekken based on the comments made about DoA.  Yes, DoA has less characters then Tekken and less customization.  But over all, DoA is superior to Tekken in every other way.  DoA has no cheap 10-point combos with no way to counter.  No end boss that 1-shot kills you at full health.  And my biggest problem comparing the two titles is that Tekken can NOT be played solo.  I don't always want to Tag Team, but if you go Solo in Tekken, you are still facing off against 2 opponents instead of 1.  DoA5 has it both ways Solo or Tag.

Now for the regular review for DoA5 on the Xbox 360

Graphics: 10. 

I have not seen any better graphics in any other Fighting game this year.  DoA outshines Tekken by a long shot on Character costumes and model detail alone.  The detail put into each outfit (other then the swimsuits) are amazing.  Character models are an improvement over previous versions.  The details to each character shines through.  Stages are incredibly complex with details with explosions, breaking windows/walls/floors.  Multi-tier levels just add to the effect.  I have not seen better level design in any fighting game before.  Some of Tekken Tag 2's levels are really beautiful, but what you can interact with in DoA5 blows Tekken away

Note: If you happened to get the Collector Edition that comes with the Art book.  There is some interesting notes added by the team as they describe the challenges of creating each character and keeping with the fanbase designs, not to change them too much.

Story: 9

Who knew DoA had a pretty decent storyline.  Adding some depth into each character instead of just tossing you into endless fights without purpose.  I was surprised at this in DoA5 as they never had a good story before.  I just finished the Mila storyline so I'm not too far into it yet.  It's also a training session, as you are given bonus objectives to complete as you progress through the story.  It's really well done for  a tutorial.

Sound: 8.5

Its a fighting game, what is to be expected?  The background fighting sounds are on par with other fighting games.  I did enjoy some of the Tekken Tag 2 background fighting music and haven't played enough of DoA5 to hear everything.  The sound effects however are top notch from the explosions to the creeks in floors/walls when objects are breaking and the rushing water as you travel down the river.

Playability: 9

The controls are smooth to the button presses.  1 Punch, 1 Kick, Block and Throw.  Can't get any easier then that.  But what you do with your directional contols are easily to input and work perfectly.  You can button mash, but it's better to learn some short combo attacks, which are very easy to pull off.  The power attacks are a bit more difficult to pull off, if you are not taking any damage, as your meter needs to be flashing Red to trigger an event.  Other then that, everything is responsive and works just as it should.

Loading times are also not an issue with DoA5.  Matches load very quickly compared to the every loading screens in Tekken Tag 2.  Only after doing a complete install of Tekken, did the loading time improve.  I did not install DoA5 and the loading times are just a tad slower then a fully installed Tekken.  I'm planning on installing it tonight to see how faster loading really is.

Entertainment: 9

It's fun plain and simple.  I had a heck of a lot more fun playing 30 minutes of DoA5, then I did playing 4 hours of Tekken Tag 2.  And I love Tekken, but some of the battles are just about impossible without resorting to cheap tricks to win.  Who likes having an unblockable 10+ point combo dished out on you with no way to prevent it?  That just killed Tekken for me, along with the end boss who 1-shots a full health character to a sliver of life.  DoA5 provides plenty of entertainment without having to resort to cheap tactics to win matches.  Blocking and Counter attacks work prefectly when timed correctly.  Just learn the skills of your characters and you will have no difficulty in winning matches.

Replay: High

I don't know where Dan got Moderatly Low for DoA5, but there is a lot to do after beating it the first time through.  Unlocking costumes for each of the characters along with unlocking playable characters from the Story mode.  I will say however, I was diappointed in the Survival mode.  Only having 10 characters to survive through before it ends.  I miss the unending Survival that ends when you are defeated.  At least, you unlock a character costume on completion of beating the 10 fighters.  I'll probably be playing this until "Injustice" comes out next year.  In the meantime, I'll be playing this a lot more then I will be playing Tekken Tag 2.


I'm at odds with posting this review, as I normally enjoy Dan's reviews.  But he missed the mark big time on this one with obvious bias for Tekken.  Each their own.  I enjoy most fighting games from Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Virtual Fighter, Tekken and DoA.  For me Tekken Tag 2 was a huge disappointment that DoA5 fills what was missing.  DoA5 isn't perfect, but it doesn't deserve a 6 and that's for sure.  There is only so much a company can do to improve on a fighting game.  Team Ninja did an excellent job with the addition of the Sweat and Dirt to give something else new to the game.  Ending a match and you or your opponent is covered in dirt just feels right.  You're not going to dish out damage, knocking people into the ground and end a match perfectly clean like all other fighting games in the past have done.  I also did not see any hair clipping like in previous versions of the series, which is another nice step forward.

I hope you enjoyed my very first review and maybe it has helped someone to decide if they want to purchase DoA5 or not.  For me, it was worth the money.