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Dead Island Riptide

Details On The New Character And Town

If you read issue 235 of Game Informer, then you learned about Dead Island: Riptide's introduction of new playable character John Morgan and the new city of Henderson. For those not in the know, here's a quick rundown on the melee-focused fighter and swanky resort town.

John Morgan (above)

  • He's the most prepared out of the bunch for a zombie apocalypse. John had aspirations of joining the Navy, but a series of unfortunate events landed him a job as a cook on a ship stationed near the archipelagos where the zombie outbreak hit.
  • John is skilled in unarmed martial arts, having trained himself when he wasn't busy cooking for his crew mates. He finally gets to put these skills to use when the zombie outbreak effectively dissembles his navy crew.
  • He represents an entirely new class, complete with his own skill tree and attacks.
  • Deep Silver was inspired to implement a melee fighter by a fan video named Fist of the Deadstar.


  • A different island than the original Dead Island's Banoi, but it's in the same archipelagos. Banoi was a slummy city surrounded by resort beaches perfect for rambunctious college kids on spring break. Henderson is a luxury town for the wealthy themed after Mediterranean port towns. It's a much more beautiful vacation destination than the sleazy Banoi.
  • Dynamic weather can rock Henderson at anytime. Blinding sheets of rain obscure lurking zombies and turn the city's low ground into a water-logged hell. Undead lie in wait underwater, making water a hazard in Riptide.
  • An enhanced vertical element makes climbing to the tops of Henderson's buildings easier. You can also duck into buildings like movie theaters without load screens.
  • Where Banoi was mostly crowded streets and narrow alleyways, Henderson will have more wide-open plazas to mix up environmental variety. Deep Silver also plans to implement more landmarks to make Henderson less repetitive than Banoi.
  • Henderson isn't the only location; Riptide will have other environments like jungles, flooded rivers, and more to explore.

Dead Island: Riptide hits PS3, 360, and PC April 23, 2013.

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  • Yes! I had read about it in the Magazine. When I get this game I'm going to start over with this new character. I enjoyed the hell out of the first one!

  • I actually enjoyed both the interview and the first Dead Island, so I have to say I'm excited for Riptide.

  • Mod

    So far, so good. Looking forward to the changes, and the same old co-op undead slaying fun!

  • John reminds me of Kenny's dad from South Park.
  • Nice.  The newer environments sounds like a very nice addition.  Can't wait to see it all in action.

  • The weather and flooding mechanics sound interesting,kinda sounds like the storm on the sugar mill from Left4Dead 2...
  • And here I thought it was a grown up version of Ellis. That would be interesting, having a character who has had previous experience with zombies and knows how to deal with them as opposed to someone fresh into the survival/apocalypse game.

  • Really hope they fix the dialogue and story

  • Loved the first game and everything I have read and heard about this one is making me very excited for it.

  • Collectors edition: yay or nay?  if yay, what's in it?

  • So is Riptide a direct sequel? I don't think I'll play the first, but from what I've seen, the sequel amends many of the problems created by Dead Island. Definitely looking forward to hear more!
  • probably going to stick to played as xian

  • The more I see of this, the more I think I'm gonna have to pick it up.

  • Mod

    This sounds promising

  • I'll admit I'm really excited for an unarmed martial arts character but unless Riptide gets an absolutely glowing review, I'm gonna pass. The first Dead Island left a very sour taste in my mouth due to its insanely frustrating difficulty when playing solo, annoying bugs and glitches, and repetitive gameplay.
  • crush out those bugs and then we'll do lunch, kay?

  • What is with games having DLC looong after its release? Once again, I already sold this game. If there was more support shortly after launch I'd still have it.
  • I hope his skills and statues are good than the others.

  • Never got the first one so ill look in to this one i have liked the looks of it so far

  • Think I'm going to start with John Morgan first...

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