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Dead Island Riptide

Another Gorgeous, Depressing CG Trailer

The first Dead Island wowed zombie fans with its sad and unconventional CG trailer. Publisher Deep Silver and developer Techland are back to build hype the same way for the brand new, full retail sequel Dead Island: Riptide. In addition to the new trailer, we now know a fifth character will be joining the returning cast.

Dead Island: Riptide takes place on another island in the same archipelago as the original Dead Island. The game features a renewed focus on co-op, allowing players to team up regardless of level. Four players will team up to defend safehouses against waves of zombies during the campaign, delivering Horde mode-like chaos. Details are scarce on the new fifth character, but Deep Silver says he'll have a unique skill set.

Dead Island: Riptide hits 360, PS3, and PC in 2013.

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  • No video, gotta check it out. Can't be as bad as the Dead Islands Little girl trailer.
  • Theres no video :/
  • The entire game is one big horde mode? Well I've just lost all interest.
  • Really good trailer, but i think the trailer for Dead Island was more "touching". I really hope the game improves.

  • And in true Dead Island fashion, the trailer will be better than the actual game.

  • No video :( I need this game now!

  • Mod

    Official website also has the video, and it's pretty good. As a huge fan of the first game, I can't wait for Riptide. Bring on the dead!

  • Way to show the trailer.

  • You list it as another depressing CGI trailer but show nothing...MISLEADING!

  • It would be really nice if Deep Silver was as good at making games as they are at making trailers. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Dead Island. However I felt the game never lived up to its first trailer, was FAR too shallow, and didn't do anything particularly great. If you're going to make the most impressive game trailer in years... you damn well better have a game that lives up to it. Saddly, the first DI didn't.
  • Guess I'll just check YouTube for the video...

  • Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...

  • he is the youtube link to it

  • Staff
    I'm so ready for more Dead Island.
  • Staff
    Sorry about the broken video before. We should be good now!
  • While the new trailer is really good, I'm going to have to put the trailer for the first game before, just due to length and I'm more of a dramatic action kind of kid.

    Also, anybody else think that the song playing sounds quite a bit like "We are Young"?

  • Great Clip! Too bad the first one failed so hard that I'm not getting the second one.
  • I think it's pretty clear which of the two games had a better CG trailer...

  • trailer *** sucked  still cat wait to play it

  • meh

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