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  • Blog Post: Dead Island Riptide: A Beautiful Slice of Hell

    Dead Island wasn't on my radar when it released back in 2011. At that point, the zombie apocalypse was starting to wear a bit thin. All the time I'd spent mowing down the living impaired in Treyarch's zombie iterations combined with my continued revisits to the Dead Rising games left me with... More
  • Blog Post: wow, people...

    i cant understand how you rate this game poorly because of 1. lack of a decent story 2. feels like the same game 3. glitches. if that is all, you people are crazy. example, CALL OF DUTY! its the same damn game every year, just new skins and new levels, but it has a *** story, and it IS the same game... More
  • Blog Post: Fun but a bit Aggrivating

    No I have not finished the game, these are just what I felt after 5 hours of playing it. If my opinions change I will post on that as well! The game starts off where the last one left off, with a bland story and really bland characters.... but that's really not that important the story serves it's... More
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