The big thing to remember about Dead Island Riptide is that it is almost not a sequel. It feel like a gigantic DLC to the original. The intro starts you off on a ship with gun weapons almost immediately, and it feels very different from the original Dead Island. However, once the intro is done with you will find that it is very, very much like its predecessor. The setting is so similar that I almost felt like I recognized some of the places  that I walked by. So, if you are looking at this sequel for fresh gameplay, maybe you should wait for the next installment.

Graphics: I found most of the graphics to be very good. Some things, such as the vines on rocks, looked painted in. But the texture of most objects were quite astonishing. There were some objects that you could actually see better by walking up close to them. Others you were better off seeing at medium distance. Animations during cutscenes were sometimes more of a joke than anything. The zombies looked fairly good, even when you watched them spawn out of the sky and drop to their designated location.

The controls were good and easy to get used to. Sometimes performing a combo style attack would seem a little more difficult than the game instructions made it sound. The attacks have a nice amount of weight to them. 

The online play is normally fun. If you are just starting it can be hard to find a group because you only can play with people who have the same mission progress as you.

Dead Island has a lot of problems, but it is an incredibly fun game despite the problems it has. Skyrim had more glitches than any game that I've played but it still manages to be fun, and DI Riptide is similar in that regard. The open world setup is great, and I enjoy the new boating, although there may be a few too many zombies in the water. Overall the gameplay is difficult enough to give a challenge, but doesn't frustrate you often. The respawn system is fairly easy on the player, basically taking away a bit of money and setting you back a minute or two. However, your enemies will respawn too, which can be disconcerting and frustrating. Dead Island Riptide will definitely stand out among zombie games and is a must play for any Zombie fan looking for great melee combat.