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Relax, Have Fun!

If you played the first Dead Island then you've played Riptide. Now that is not a bad thing! personally i LOVED the original game and this one is no different, its actually better. Some of the flaws that were present in the original are still present in Riptide (odd quest compass, hit detection, awkward movement) but none of it really breaks the game.

Some new additions are little but help a lot. One example is now in your inventory you can check and see what supplies you have collected that go with a mod, so if you have a "Lightning mod" and you pick up a "hose" it will show how many items of that particular item you need, plus it'll show what else you need "duct tape, nails, ect". 

 Another new addition is being able to ride in boats, although they are quicker to use then walking through flooded villages they really don't make it easier to travel. certain zombies can run through the water and grab hold of your boat, pulling off players and even the driver. It can be irritating but like in my title of this review "Relax, Have fun!". The game can be a blast (and hilarious!) with friends, with newcomer John Morgan having a run and kick attack that can send zombies flying across the level makes for a good laugh, no really you have to see it to understand it is to funny.

this game isn't perfect and has many flaws, but in the end its a video game and it got me laughing and smiling while hacking up zombies with friends, I recommend this game. 

  • Good review I am having a great time with the game. I love the addition of the overrun building mini-levels you have to sweep out after entering that sometimes have mini bosses. The tower defense sections are cool too. I wish you could save before them so you could do them again. Also the new character uppercut, double foot stomp, and run kicks are HILARIOUS AND FUN. I love the new motion blur effect also when moving. It greatly adds to the immersion.