So just to get this out of the way.  The gameplay, level appearance, characters, and zombies in this game are very similar to Dead Island.  If you did not like that game you certainly will not like this one.  That being said, I completely agree with GI.  This game is great.  I do not understand all the sites giving it such terrible reviews!  It is fairly weak on premise and storyline, but that is not really what the game is about.  It excels at smashing zombies!  The combat is very rewarding and honestly never gets boring.  They added a cool water effect to your vision and new motion blur when running that enhances the experience.  Also the hideout base defense sequences are awesome!!  You immediately want to play them over and over again.  Weapons are customizable again and even more so.  Also the new character's special hand to hand attacks are great!  Running smash kick and super uppercuts and dual foot head crushes of zombies!  Also, the steelbook it came in is one of the nicest steelbooks I have ever seen.