No I have not finished the game, these are just what I felt after 5 hours of playing it. If my opinions change I will post on that as well!

The game starts off where the last one left off, with a bland story and really bland characters.... but that's really not that important the story serves it's purpose of getting your character from point A to B for whatever silly reason. It is very much like the first in many ways, the weapons, loot, crafting etc... all more or less the same with some new things added (Not the least of which is a new character).

You start the game at level 15 if you do NOT import your character from the first game. So right off the bat you get some skill points to work with even if you have never played the game before. You go through the games built in controls tutorial that's in every game (you know, crouch under a pipe, jump over another pipe etc...) then you get to the new island. All the stuff from the first game is still here, there is crafting, modding, repairing of weapons etc... you can upgrade them to make them stronger or sell them to shops for more money to repair and upgrade. Which I find a lot of fun. The game also was kind enough to give you mroe workbenches in areas farther from the main hubs.

The new character is nice, he is an Australian Ex-Military who specializes in fist weapons and uses a staff for his fury skill (Not sure why to be honest). He is the character I chose to use because I liked him more than the rest. Plus I just like both staff weapons and Australian accents.

So I'm now going to go over my gripes with the game, and their severity!

1. (Biggest Complaint) I feel that the game is a bit more difficult than it need to be, partially because of the constant lack of Stamina, but more so because of just the sheer number of zombies that attack and they are much more dangerous in this one than the last. Using the kick skill is key to surviving most of the time. Kick, attack, kick, attack etc... You also have to be careful not to get surrounded or you will die. Thankfully there isn't a huge penalty for dying so it's not the end of the world but it is still a bit annoying. You never really feel like you have an advantage, particularly when fighting thugs (I hate thugs... it's pretty much pointless to melee them and you don't have much options for ranged in the beginning unless you imported a character). Zombies scale to level which is a good idea, but I wish they weren't higher than my level. That all said, it isn't impossible to win, in fact far from it, you just have to be VERY careful.

2. (Very minor) Another issue I had was with the sound, it's nearly impossible to hear what ANYONE in the game is saying even with all other sounds disabled, they sound like they are a hundred feet away, and whispering... I had to turn subtitles on just to find out what was being said... not that it's really important but it's nice to hear some of the VA which isn't bad when you can hear it... terrible writing though

3. (very minor) The cut scenes suffer from severe Framerate issues, it's almost better to just close your eyes and listen than watch it. You can imagine something better than whats shown. Thankfully they are few and far between and all in all don't interrupt anything important.

4. (Medium) Driving... oh good GRIEF is this probably one of the worst parts of the game. I mean really? I can't look behind me?? I spend more time trying to turn around in the game than driving forward because i can't see what I'm about to run into if I back up. There may be a button I'm missing but ARGH is it annoying. I can't attest to using a boat yet as I haven't gotten to that point, but If it's like driving... it's gunna suck cause you can be attacked while in a boat.

5. (Minor) Movement is odd in this game, but in reality it's just because I'm used to other games that it bothers me. When you strafe you move side to side much slower than you do if your moving forward or backward and it's very odd and hard to get used to. Same with going up and down stairs.

6. (Minor-Major) It's been said in almost every review but the glitches are high up there. So far nothing has stopped me from being able to play the game, but I see bad collisions, stupid zombies (they just stand there and do nothing while I attack em... though sometimes that's a nice thing), stuff like that. One time a quest reset on me because I left the item in a car, went into a side build (Area transition) and when I came back out the car was reset back to it's spawn point with the item in it. It was only about 100m away so no biggie, but I'll have to remember that for the future. I think Bethesda games have more glitches, but this is riiight up there with it. I understand open world games like this are hard to test fully, and I don't mind bad collisions and such.... but really... a quest reseting? What if that car was 1000+m away!

Now that the negatives are out of the way! THE POSITIVES!

1. Despite the difficulty, despite the glitches and overwhelming odds... it is still really fun to hack, thwack, and kick away at zombies left and right. Breaking and slicing off limbs, smashing heads, kicking them to the ground is all really REALLY satisfying. It does take care of my usual biggest complaint with open world games which is the lack of things to do when going from point A to B. In some games the world is so big.... but at the same time so empty. There may be a wolf or a bear to fight maybe an enemy but that's it. In this one ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE! in fact I think they may have gone a bit too far as I mentioned above with the shear amount of zombies that can be overwhelming. But that's when I hit the fury button and go to town on them.

2. Gotta love side quests! And this game sure has em, some of them can even be started remotely. Any quest involving upgrading defenses of your fort or weapons of the characters in the fort can be started anywhere and handed in later. And with the added horde mode (Defend your fort) There is never not something to do in the game.

3. Loot. LOOT EVERYWHERE! I admit it freely, I'm a loot whore. Add a loot system to a game with grey(junk) - orange(Legendary) items and I'm game. This game has lots of shiny weapons in boxes and chests and from enemies to loot, switch out, and sell... and I'm a big sucker for it and I love it in this game as well! Killing a big boss and getting a blue item to then smash zombies faces with is nice, and for a few minutes you feel awesome. Then they swarm you and you feel slightly less awesome.

4. There are new mini-dungeons that I enjoy, you can enter a building with a big group of zombies led by a boss. These buildings are difficult, but give great rewards. Usually I'll get at least 1 blue weapon and some blue items for crafting along with it and a bunch of XP. Great time to use that Fury ability!

5. Customization is nice, having skill trees and different weapons is all a part of that and I enjoy it. I am sad that there is no way to respec your character (that I could find) however I'm looking at it and it looks like eventually if you played long enough you could in theory get all the skills which i suppose lessens the customizable options but if you aren't going to have a respec I think getting it all is the right way to go.

6. I don't remember weapon skills being in the first game, in this one the more you use a weapon type the more skilled you get in it and get more bonuses. The categories are Hand to Hand (Fist weapons), slashing weapons, blunt weapons, and firearms. And it's fun to level each individually. Sometimes you get a damage increase, or a reduction in stamina user... and anything I can do to save Stamina is a good thing!

All in all, I think the game is a good amount of fun, and on top of that it looks pretty good but I'm more worried about the zombies eating me than how good they look. I see no framerate loss while playing the game, only during the cut scenes. If you like zombies and the killing of said zombies with silly melee weapons... this game is perfect. If you are looking for an amazing story with good characters and well... honestly balanced combat... nooooot gunna get it from this one.

I give the game a 7/10 because I think it does deserve to be played and some simple patches can fix the issues I have though they should have been a non issue to start with., it's lower price does help it I think. It won't be GOTY, but it's a nice distraction and just a lot of mindless fun to play.

TLDR Version:

-More difficult than it should be
-Bad vehicle controls
-Glitches aplenty, though not game breaking... annoying.
-REALLY bad Speech volume outside of cut scenes and your character
-Bad cut scenes. Just really bad.
-Bland Story, Bland Characters
-Movement feels awkward

+LOTS of fun killing zombies
+Loot everywhere!
+Crafting is still nice
+Looks nice, no framerate problems during gameplay
+New mini-dungeons are fun
+Horde defense mode is also new and interesting
+New weapon skills are fun to level
+I like the new character that was added