Riptide does pick up straight after the end of the first game but in all other respects it feels like an expansion pack. This is one of those games were the list of new features starts off sounding inconsequential (there’s a new character to play as) and only gets less essential from there on in. The short story is that you’ve been stranded on a new tropical island that’s also overrun with zombies, with the added problem that there’s a monsoon going on. In actual fact the constantly changing weather becomes the most significant new feature, with visibility proving highly variable and boats becoming the most reliable form of transport, but the boats are infuriating to use and as slow as can be.

There have been some small improvements in the way the game handles, with the melee combat now at least enabling you to connect with your target most of the time. It’s still not very exciting though and that’s a problem because the lack of ammo means that’s what you’re left doing most of the time. 

They didn’t spend much time brainstorming new missions either and the endless array of fetch quests are just as boring and thankless as before. Especially when the people you’re trying to rescue still only spout the same one or two lines of badly written dialogue.


Pros: The premise still has obvious appeal and the dynamic weather and improved melee combat is a step forward. Online co-op is fun with friends, especially with the new mission type.

Cons: The controls, gunplay, script, and voice-acting still feel like a no-budget fan mod. Role-playing elements remain simplistic. Very expensive for such a minor expansion.


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