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  • Blog Post: Yager Shows Off The Gory, Gun-Filled Improvements

    Dead Island 2 is still over half a year away , but the team at Yager brought a brief playable demo to Gamescom to show off the improvements to core systems, including combat and crafting. We went through the experience twice, once with the Berserker and once with the Speedster. The two play very differently... More
  • Blog Post: Deep Silver's Decaying California Gets More Than A Little Bloody

    At E3, Deep Silver showed off a cinematic trailer for a proper Dead Island sequel. Under the care of new developer Yager, this updated take on the melee zombie slasher looks to include some smart tweaks to the formula. One of the things that strikes us immediately is a more balanced approach to firearms... More
  • Blog Post: Five Important Changes In Dead Island 2

    Zombie slaying met open-world, RPG-lite progression when Techland developed the first Dead Island in 2011. The backbone of the first-person series is built on tropical paradises ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. Publisher Deep Silver has partnered with a new developer, Yager (Spec Ops: The Line), for the... More
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