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Dead Island 2

Deep Silver's Decaying California Gets More Than A Little Bloody

At E3, Deep Silver showed off a cinematic trailer for a proper Dead Island sequel. Under the care of new developer Yager, this updated take on the melee zombie slasher looks to include some smart tweaks to the formula.

One of the things that strikes us immediately is a more balanced approach to firearms. In past Dead Island titles, guns were a rarity. The melee crafting system (still clearly in place) was the centerpiece. Now, it looks like guns will be the subject of your workbench experiments, too.

Dead Island 2 is here at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. We'll be playing some new content this week and bringing you updated impressions. For more, be sure to check out our preview from E3.

Deep Silver is releasing the title in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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  • Resident Evil 3 already did it.
  • So... more guns...?

  • If thats really in-game it looks awesome! Wasnt a fan of the previous two, but im willing to give another chance.
  • As a huge fan of the original Dead Island and a bigger fan of Spec Ops: The Line I think Deep Silver made an extremely smart decision putting this franchise in the hands of Yager.. I'm stoked to get my hands on this!
  • I'm so happy they're embracing the crazy fun and not trying for some serious tone which they didn't pull off right in the first two games, in my opinion.
  • Reminds me of Dead Rising and Left4Dead...a bit.

  • Dying Light looks a lot better, plus why is it still called Dead Island 2 when it's in Hollywood, CA? Last time I checked CA wasn't an island.
  • Cant way to get my grubby paws on this game.#PUSHERMAN
  • The gameplay looks a lot of fun but I wish they didn't make it so overly gory. I like Gore but like realistic Gore. Seems just a bit excessive haha but looks good though!
  • A lot of ppl like the new direction for dead island 2, but i feel like this game tries to hard to be "FUN" like dead rising, when the selling point of the first one was this gore world turn to the worst, but it wasen't a very good game by the way. (the trailer for the first one made the sales!)
  • I'm so in for this game. Too bad its so far away. Loved Dead Island 1 and 2.
  • I'm just waiting for GTA 5 on PS4

  • Do any of you guys have a PS4? I'll send friend requests to whoever wants to play with me
  • Sorry, not really impressed. And I liked the first 2 but this doesn't feel like anything impressive.

    Also last time I checked, when was California an island, kinda wierd to have a Dead Island game not in an island . .

  • Looks fun. I have faith in Yager. 8 player co op. Cool.

  • This is actually looking to be shaping up to be better than the first Dead Island. I'm very intrigued on where the game will go

  • looking GOOD!

  • I'm a fan of DI and Riptide. Both were fun in their own ways. This looks a lot more fun than the last two, so I can't wait!

  • Is it just me or is the color scheme freakin sweet

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