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Dead Island - Your Perfect Getaway

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  • I don't know how to start a user review so I'm gonna post it as a thread I guess. Dead Island is one of those rare games they come out with that will keep you up at night. I find myself coming home from work or school hopping on my PS3 and playing this. I find it quite addicting. It's almost like Dead Rising meets Left For Dead. You can find a variety of weapons to use and you can upgrade them or make your own weapon. Since you're on a resort island you're gonna find little to no firearms. My only complaint is the control scheme, I don't like how I can't customize the controls. I play Legacy and you're only given a default and southpaw option. As you further progress you level up and are able to use more weapons and upgrade your abilities. It is in first-person so it makes the zombie killing a whole lot better. It makes Call of Duty's zombies look like Strawberry shortcake.

  • I had a good feeling about this game before it came out, and at LV 16 now.. its exceeding my expectaions, and melting my brain at the same time! 2 movies come to mind while playing. Italian horrormeister Lucio Fulci's "Zombie", and with all the aussie/new zealand accents, Peter Jacksons "Dead Alive"

    This game DOES put you in a zombie survival holocaust, and being stranded on a resort island is a brilliant choice. In my opinion, the best zombie game to date!(I couldn't stand Deadrising 2) Weapons are fun as hell. Slicing off heads with my "Cruel Slicer" cleaver, or bashing in heads(after kicking them to the ground) with my morning star brings many smiles to my face! Smashing, and bashing zombies has never been so fun! The melee hit system is freakin' awesome, and brutal!  I really dig the music, and the sound FX I think are spot on. I love how much this game plays like Borderlands(in my top 5). Even has color-coded weapons depending on rarity.

    Only complaints- after 3-4 hrs, the pop-up textures start giving me a little bit of a headache. Some glitchy crap in the game has been annoying. No split-screen. But this is just minor stuff.

  • This game was outstanding for the month it was out. I was a level 35, and I just over - played the game in general. It was a great source of entertainment... And I'm really glad they fixed the bug where you sold an item, and it just took you to another. Now im highly anticipating Battlefield 3, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Pre - ordered both today, completely paid off. I own the games, just cant play them yet :)

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