What to say about Dead Island is that it was the scariest game I've ever played and the most fun I had with a zombie game. I'm going to review this game by story, graphics, gameplay, and sound much like the Gameinformer layout because it makes so much sense to review that way.


Alright so the story tells about a zombie plague that infects the people of  Banoi and you play one of four survivors who have somewhat of interesting back stories and are all immune to the zombie plague. During the story you encounter some interesting characters some more memorable then others who help you survive the hell your in. The ultimate goal of the story is to escape Banoi however possible while doing some worthwhile missions, but the story all together isn't what the first trailer was emotional, memorable, and inspirational like.


Dead Island's graphics were beautiful and gave great detail into the characters, weapons , and environments. The game was no doubt well polished, but they were many texture pop ups that's the only problem graphics wise, but have no fear there were many updates to fix the pop ups.


Now the gameplay is what really won me over the idea of making your weapons from something regular to something that leaves you in awe. The gun mechanics worked well for the game as was the melee system which was so much fun. The Gameplay is what really saved this game for me.


Now the final part of the review so let us begin the end. The zombie moans were like music to my ears. The sound of gunshots were really good not a problem also the sound of you breaking zombie limbs or cutting through them was extremely satisfying. The character voices were okay not my favorite voices to hear. The music wasn't that memorable didn't like it wasn't exciting or emotional.