The zombie genre is full at this point, with games such as Left for Dead, Call of Duty Zombies, and many more out there. The one thing many zombie games don’t always have is a fascinating story. Dead Island is no different. Yes, it is an RPG. Yes, the trailer did make it seem like it was going to be an emotional game that would have you close to tears. But, sadly, just because it has both these things does not mean it has a good story.

Combat wise, this is not a shooter. You can get guns later in the game, but you end up looking more for ammo than actually shooting the gun. This is not a bad thing though. Dead Island has a ton of melee weapons at your disposal, from baseball bats to machetes. Killing zombies with them is fun and exciting, but I found I was using the head stomp feature more than the weapons.

Dead Island also puts you through different types of environments throughout your play through, including sewers, the beach, and a city. Overall, these places maybe could have worked if the graphics were actually good. With frequent frame rate problems and pop ins, what could have been a pretty island turns into a disaster. Characters walk like robots, and whenever I would run over a zombie with my car the game would freeze for a quick second.

The one thing Dead Island does well in is the co-op of the game. Playing with friends in a zombies environment is always fun, but playing it in Dead Island, planning ahead by each choosing a different character and updating a different skill tree, makes it even better. The downfall though is that to update your own in game progress, you have to be at the same point in the campaign with friends.

The biggest downfall in Dead Island by far is the glitches. They are not just small ones that can easily be avoided. They are game ending type of bugs. There was one section that would freeze every single time I would do it. It took me more than 5 times to actually do it because my ps3 would freeze and I would have to restart it. Usually I can look beyond the bugs of games, but it is almost impossible to do so in Dead Island.

Overall, Dead Island is the perfect game if you and your friends want to get an RPG. And although it’s not perfect, it is good at what is tries to accomplish. Just be prepared to rage and throw your controller whenever it freezes.